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3 Fun Ways Seniors Can Reduce Their Fall Risk

Seniors are at greater risk of falling, and these falls can result in serious injuries and even death. There are some easy things to do that can substantially lower these frightening fall risks that seniors living alone, or their family caregivers can do. Consider these three practical ways that seniors and their family members can reduce fall risks.

Redecorate Your Living Space

One fun fall risk intervention is to simply redecorate your living space. While older individuals tend to be wary of any changes in their lifestyles, they are more receptive to change when they are involved in the process. Replacing dangerous throw rugs with safer carpeting or flooring, upgrading the home's lighting fixtures, creating more space for walking, and installing safety grab bars in the bathroom are all simple ways to make a senior's living spaces safer. It’s also a great opportunity to refresh the decor if that’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while.

Engage in Creative Physical Activities

Many people underestimate the capability of their senior family members. There are a number of activities that seniors can take part in to increase their physical stamina and overall coordination. These activities can also boost both personal enjoyment and general feelings of well-being without requiring a lot of strength or expense. One of these is art therapy. Art therapy can reduce falls in seniors, and can include creative physical activities such as dance. There are some wonderful dance and exercise routines that are geared toward seniors no matter their physical condition or abilities. Consider adding a lively wheelchair dance regimen to your daily routine, and don't forget to turn on music that you love for motivation.

Make Your Living Space Comfortable & Personalized

Another fantastic way to reduce your senior's future fall risk is to ensure that their living space is both comfortable and personalized. Upgrade to a recliner with lift controls, which will make it easier to get up. Adding conveniences like voice-activated lights, large television remotes, and other cool features can limit how often you need assistance. In other words, personalization can increase independence, which improves morale. You may also want to add an organizer pocket that can be attached to your favorite armchair, wheelchair, or walker device.

Participating in certain fun activities can help lower a senior's fall risk as well as help create a more fulfilling and engaging retirement. Art therapy can include painting, coloring, redecorating, music appreciation, and wheelchair dancing.

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