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3 Major Workplace Dangers That Can Threaten Your Productivity

It can be difficult to stay productive while you’re at work. It’s a common issue. Many people have had struggles with staying productive and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Several things could be harming your productivity, including hazardous materials, stress, and procrastination. Each of these can threaten productivity if you’re not careful.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials in the workplace can threaten your productivity. An MSDS contains information on hazardous materials in the workplace. If you are constantly concerned about your safety while you are at work, then you probably won’t be doing your best at work. Productivity will be affected, and you’ll need to talk with your supervisor about why your productivity has been affected. If they are aware of the problem, then they can help you find a solution and work through it to bring your productivity back up.


Stress is a workplace hazard that can harm productivity. Many things contribute to the stress found in the workplace. Things that add to the workplace stress include high job demands, inflexible working hours, poor job control, bullying, harassment, job insecurity, or even physical stressors, such as noise or poor lighting. These things can threaten your productivity if you aren’t careful. You’ll need to recognize what is adding to your stress and learn how to manage it. You can also talk with your supervisor and let them know that your productivity is being threatened and what they can do to help. Open communication will help you to manage your stress.


Procrastination can be a waste of time and can threaten your productivity. Procrastination reflects on an inner struggle with self-control and is said to have a direct relationship with productivity both at home and at work. It can affect performance depending on circumstances and time. If you are aware that you tend to procrastinate, then you’ll be able to find a solution to the problem. Procrastination can threaten your productivity and you’ll need to be able to work through it if you want your productivity to be better.

Productivity can be difficult to stay on top of. You need to be aware of everything that could be threatening your work drive. Hazardous materials, stress, and procrastination can affect your productivity. Once you’re aware of the problem, you can solve it.

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