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3 Millennial Trends That Are Actually Hurting You

There are currently several trends being set by the millennial generation. Many have proven to be beneficial, but some of these trends are hurting you, and you might not even realize it. The following are a few of the trends that you should be aware of and possibly avoid.

Electronic Currency Can Actually Set You Back

Bitcoin was there at the beginning of the electronic-currency trend. Since the emergence of this new currency, many different platforms have been created that are tempting investors. Although electronic currency may seem like a great investment, it doesn’t come without substantial risk. This is a relatively new endeavor, and it tends to be volatile. The value of bitcoin and other electronic currencies can fluctuate wildly in a short time frame. People who want to invest in something that will be relatively safe should avoid electronic-currency investments.

Having Flexible Work Hours Causes More Stress

Most people would view totally flexible work hours as extremely beneficial. This type of work has piqued the interest of many companies and individuals who feel that this would prove to be a great asset in their daily lives. This is especially true of single parents or people who have other pressing obligations throughout the day or night. Although this type of schedule may seem ideal, it is important to note that having more flexibility also means more instability. According to Wellable, “countless research studies have confirmed that flexible work schedules have the potential to increase employees’ job satisfaction, and, as such, many companies and organizations have begun to offer this benefit to their employees.” However, there have been cases where flexible work hours have actually been shown to have a trivial or even adverse effect on employees, which can cause a domino effect in other areas of their lives.

Trying to Keep Up with Rapidly Changing Trends Can Cause Burnout

Never has a generation gone through so many trends in such a short time frame. The millennial generation is known for focusing on a variety of trends whether it be electronics, business endeavors, or even dietary fads. It is expected that people will want to try a trend occasionally, but it can be detrimental to try to keep up with every trend that comes along today. Mint explains, for example, millennials who try to keep up with all of the latest gadgets and electronics can end up overspending in an effort to have the latest “must-have” item. When it comes to dietary trends, you may want to do research before trying the latest diet that crops up. In some cases, it can be dangerous for your health or not right for your particular needs. Millennials are a generation of movers and shakers, but it is important to know that you should always be careful when trying all of the latest trends and lifestyle changes. Always do things that will take care of yourself first and foremost. It’s better to be responsible, instead of reckless. If you are going to invest in something or incorporate something different into your life, be sure that you know the risks and rewards so that you don’t regret your decision later.

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