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3 Tips for Sports Fans Traveling During Football Season

Football is a great American pastime with a dedicated following all across the country. Emphasis on the "following" in this sense, as many fans like to take to the roads and travel with a specific team as they play throughout the season. As much fun as this can be, though, it's a lot of work to really make the most out of the experience. Try these three tips for traveling during football season to enjoy the game in ways you never knew you could.

Talk to Local Fans

Traveling with the team often means ending up in new and unfamiliar environments, so what better way to make these places a bit less unfamiliar than by getting to know the local fans? In addition to making new friends, they'll also have insider knowledge on the best places to watch the game and tailgate. When purchasing tickets, they can recommend the best seats in a particular stadium among other things. Think of them as your local guides to all this unexplored territory, helping you enjoy travel that much more.


Check Out Rivalry Games

While attending away games for your favorite team is what you're here to do, there's no rule saying you can't check out other teams while you're at it. Even when your own guys are busy practicing or taking a well-deserved rest, there's usually still plenty of football to be found in whatever town you end up at. College football, in particular, is rife with rival teams playing throughout the season.

There is often a cup or other prize that is passed back and forth between the winner of the match each season. As rivals are often evenly matched in relative power within a conference, it tends to be a good game. Rivalry games have a way of bringing a unique liveliness and energy to the area. If you only have time for one road trip in a season, this game is often a season highlight.


Travel in a Convoy

One of the easiest ways to enhance your travel experience is to go with a group. While that usually only includes a couple of friends and family, this could also mean a convoy. Traveling as part of a convoy is a great experience where hundreds if not thousands of people can get together to share their love of the game, helping each other along the road for the whole season. It's also got tons of benefits compared to traveling alone, one of which is a safer time overall.


While just watching sports is tons of fun, being part of the action is even better. If you decide to travel around with your favorite team this football season, planning ahead can make for a more exciting adventure.

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