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3 Ways to Personalize Your Home After Moving In

Congratulations on your new home! It's important to feel cozy in your new place after all the stress of moving. By personalizing your home decor, you can create an inviting home to suit your lifestyle. From choosing decorations to electrical necessities, you can have fun customizing your house so that it feels like home.


Lighting is important in your home for many diverse reasons. Kelly Roofing talks about how homes with lots of light naturally feel better to be in. They also have many health benefits. Lighting can make a room appear bigger or create a more intimate settling with lower wattage. Lighting can also add sophistication in the form of a chandelier, and it can make a space look more modern with wall lights. You'll want to consider showcasing your decor with ambient lighting. Recessed lights are minimalistic and are great for tastefully illuminating your home. Spotlights on your artwork or in display cases can be switched on when you want to admire your collection or turned off to save electricity.

Display Collections

Show off your collection to the world with a special display case. All Storage Online discusses how some collections should have display boxes made especially for them that you can mount on the wall or display on a shelf or end table. You can use basic shadow boxes or exquisite curio cabinets for your knickknacks and antiques. Look to getting lighting installed for your display collections. Some cabinets have built-in lights, while others may need the help of electrical experts. Make sure to inspect your desired display before you purchase it to know what to expect.


Plants and flowers can bring beauty to your home whether they're real or imitation. Planet Natural Research Center recommends that you'll want to consider how much time you can spend taking care of your plants before starting an indoor garden. Cacti and succulents are exceptional for those who travel, while flowering plants are relaxing to take care of when you spend a lot of time at home. Other factors to consider are the overall design scheme of your home and your lifestyle. Tropical plants create a topic of conversation when placed in the living room or entrance way. You may also think about potted herbs in the kitchen to use while you're cooking. Scented fresh or artificial flowers create a mood with aromatherapy in the bedroom and guest rooms. From adding functional lighting to fabulous decor, personalizing your home is one of the final steps of the moving process. Make it a project with your family so everyone can have a say in the design.

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