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3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Traveling

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

While traveling to new places can be a fun adventure, it can also be incredibly stressful. Regardless of what’s stressing you out during your travels, there are plenty of little things you can do to de-stress during your travels. Here are three simple ways you can reduce stress while in the process of traveling.


One great way to calm your nerves is practicing meditation. You can meditate basically anywhere and in any situation — well, maybe not while you're driving. Meditation comes in many different forms, and the one that works best for you is something you'll discover for yourself. But when done regularly, studies indicate that it can change your brain for the better.

For travel purposes, you might try mantra meditation, which is simply repeating a word, thought, or phrase in your mind that calms you and reduces distracting thoughts. Whether you're taking a pit stop from driving or you're walking to your gate at the airport, you can reduce your stress levels through meditation.

Supplement with Oils

Another great way to reduce stress is by using essential oils. Essential oils can affect your biochemistry and help reduce your stress levels during travel. A recent study on doTERRA oils showed that the body recognizes natural essential oils on a cellular level, giving validity to what people are calling "The Oil Effect."

In fact, just the scent of calming oils, like lavender and Roman chamomile, can have lasting effects on your well-being. If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll want to make sure you have a travel-sized bottle of your oil of choice. Spritz or dab the scent on your clothes before and during travel to breathe in the sweet smell of serenity.

Attitude is Everything

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, so how you think about the trip can seriously affect how much stress you experience. Once you consciously make the effort to see your travels as an exciting adventure rather than as an anxiety-producing hassle, you'll be delighted in how much more enjoyable and stress-free your trip will seem.

Stay optimistic and make the choice to not let little hiccups during your travels get you down. Keep in mind that there are certain practices that can influence your attitude. Sleep can have a significant impact on your mood, so prioritize sleep in your travel schedule and pack a comfortable pillow and sleep accessories. Thinking positive thoughts is half the battle to reducing stress during your travels. You deserve a great trip, and part of that is being able to reduce your own stress. Use mantra meditation to calm your mind, essential oils to reduce your stress, and optimism to stay on the positive side of things. Traveling can cause a lot of anxiety and issues, but you have the power to overcome your stress.

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