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4 Tricks to Bring Attention to Your Eyes and Enhance Their Color

No matter your eye shape or color, the right makeup and tools can make you look and feel better. If the winter has you feeling tired or a little sun-starved, brightening your eyes can make you feel more cheerful and excited to face the day. Focusing on your unique eye color will allow you to define a makeup palette that is uniquely yours.

Mastering Mascara

Proper mascara application starts when you open the wand. Never pump your mascara back and forth. You will introduce air to the product and dry it out more quickly. Instead, simply twirl the wand a few extra times once you have it unscrewed. To apply it to your bottom lashes without getting it on your cheek, lean forward, and brush very lightly. For top lashes, sweep from the skin out, applying no more than three coats to thicken and extend the lashes.

Eyelash Curler

To create a good base for your mascara, use an eyelash curler. Start at the base of the lash and press it into the curler for at least 10 seconds. Follow the curve of the eyelid to avoid a sharp bend in the lash, especially to the outer edge of the eye. Work your way out to the end of the lash before applying your mascara.

Eyelash Extensions

The simplest way to define your eyes is to apply extensions. Using extensions means you won't have to worry about curling your lashes or applying mascara. You only need to be careful about keeping your extensions clean and well-brushed. Most eyelash extensions are made from either mink or synthetic material.

Eyeshadow Color

To make your eyes stand out, choose shadow colors that offer some contrast to the iris of your eye. Brown eyes sparkle next to a blue shadow. Green eyes are intensified by burgundy, pink, and purple. Blue eyes stand out next to apricot and peach. Use a lighter color at the inner corner of the eye and sweep out to darker shades for a more dramatic look. Be ready to add some color to the lower line of the eye.

No matter your makeup preference, you can brighten your eyes. If you prefer a light touch, work with products that add a bit of sparkle with the color. For fans of a more dramatic makeup palette, intense colors with a velvet finish will highlight your eye color. Lashes, properly curled or extended, draw the eye up to your best feature.

Looking for another way to call attention to your eyes? Try wearing glasses!

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