4 Ways Technology is Making Cars Safer

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Over the next ten to twenty years, there is a good chance that humans will no longer drive cars themselves. In the meantime, features have been released that allow the car to react if it senses an obstacle ahead or that the car is drifting. When used properly and consistently, these tools can help to keep roads safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Automated Braking Systems React Faster Than Humans Can

You might not be able to see a child, animal, or piece of debris that is in your path. You also may not be able to anticipate another vehicle slowing down or stopping suddenly. However, with new technology, your vehicle may be able to sense these objects and take action faster than you can. This may be especially true if you are tired or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Big Data

The black box technology behind aircraft event data recorders is becoming increasingly popular in automobiles. This has made it possible to learn more about what causes accidents such as excessive speed or drivers who are impaired or distracted. Data can also be used to analyze where an accident is most likely to take place. For instance, it could determine whether an accident is most likely to occur on a highway as opposed to an intersection in the middle of town.

Lane Assist and Driver Alert Features Prevent Cars from Drifting

When you are tired, it is harder to process information such as what lane you are supposed to be in. Therefore, your vehicle may start to drift into oncoming traffic or a center median. Lane assist and driver alert features can help to keep you awake and aware of what your car is doing so that you can take corrective action.

Cameras Help Drivers See More of What’s Around Them

Rear cameras make it easier to see children, toys or other cars that may be in your path while you back up. Cameras on the side of the vehicle may make it easier to spot vehicles or other objects that would otherwise be in your blind spot. Ultimately, these cameras can reduce your chances of being in a collision.

Technology is quickly evolving to help us be safer in cars, and it will continue to evolve. Modern safety features are making it less likely that drivers will be involved in serious accidents. While accidents can still happen, reducing the severity of a wreck can be the difference between dying and walking away with only a few scratches or short-term injuries.

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