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5 Health Facts & Countless Tattoo Statistics That Will Surprise You! – Florida Tattoo Scho

All The Numbers You Never Know About Tattooing & Becoming A Tattoo Artist

Current day; The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and people are in shorts and tank tops. It’s finally Summer. What is something you see a lot? Tattoos! You see tattoos, everywhere. We assert that there are two types of people in this world; people who have a tattoo(s) and want more, and people who don’t have tattoos but want them! 

Here at Body Art & Soul Tattoo’s, a Florida tattoo school and tatto we’ve been running tattoo studios and training tattoo artists in our for over 12 years now, so we’ve gathered a ton of insight over the years.

If you’ve been contemplating a career change but are hesitant, here are some statistics about the tattoo industry in the United States and around the world, that could have you starting your apprenticeship with us tomorrow!

Did you know…

The Most Tattooed Nations

The United States is the third most tattooed country. How about other nations?

Tattoo industry statistics

Most tattooed body parts

5 Health Facts About Tattoos

Health and safety are always concerns to prioritize when getting a tattoo. This is why tattoo studios undergo health department inspections every year. With concerns over health risks, the health benefits of tattoos often get overlooked.  Health benefits from getting a tattoo?Yes! Keep reading…

1. Tattoos Reduce Stress And Cortisol Level

Cortisol is a stress hormone. Multiple tattoos were found to reduce cortisol levels and help with stress reduction. High levels of cortisol are associated with many of the physical and mental detriments of stress:

The body produces cortisol in an attempt to reduce pain. But the associated effects aren’t always worth the benefit. Multiple tattoos result in the cortisol hormone response being less active. That means less cortisol is produced, resulting in stress reduction. During the tattoo process, our brains produce dopamine and endorphins also known as happiness hormones. Those hormones are responsible for some people’s tattoo addictions.

2. Multiple Tattoos Improve Your Immune System  

A  uncovered that tattooing serves to inoculate the immune system. There are two reasons behind this. One is that they have less reduction in immunoglobulin A. The second is that getting a tattoo stimulates an immune response.

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that aids the immune, gastrointestinal, and respiratory systems. Higher levels of the antibody help the body to ward off pathogens and even the common cold or flu.

Tattoos also stimulate and strengthen the immune response. When the immune system detects a foreign invader in your body it sends antibodies to attack them. This happens when you get a tattoo. Your body attacks the foreign invader (tattoo ink), which is why swelling can occur. Eventually, your body accepts the ink and you begin to heal. During this time, the immune system becomes stronger through its efforts to combat the ink.

3. Tattoos Are Helping To Improve Vaccines

The greatest hurdles for vaccines are efficacy and cost. Through the study of tattooing, scientists are finding ways to make vaccines more effective with a lower production cost. Doctors are testing the use of  method instead of the traditional needle.

The tattoo delivery method uses DNA vaccines, providing multiple doses safely, in a single session. According to the National Library of Medicine, “the results are higher humoral and cellular immune responses than traditional vaccine injections,” with as much as 16 times stronger effects.

The DNA vaccines are a lower cost to produce, making the vaccines more accessible. Labs have already had success using the vaccine method for HPV in mice. And tattooing as a delivery method is already in use for other medical applications.

The downside is that tattoo delivery is more painful and a much longer process – it is a tattoo after all, than a traditional needle injection. This may limit its use in therapeutic vaccines, treating cancers and other major diseases.

The vaccine tattoos use no ink, so there are no permanent marks.

4. Tattoos Provide Confidence And Self-Esteem

Those with tattoos know the confidence associated with fresh ink. It’s exciting and you want to show it off – like an amplified version of the feeling you get after a really good haircut or after a shopping spree. But it turns out that the confidence-boosting effects aren’t just for new ink.

Some university sociological studies found a correlation between tattoos and self-esteem. And the more tattoos, the bigger the confidence boost. Respondents with four or more tattoos had significantly higher self-esteem than those with less. This was especially among those who reported a history of depression.

The cause for this may be that a tattoo gives you a sense of control over yourself. And allows you to reclaim something that has been lost or taken. Getting a new tattoo is one way to express self-care and self-love. It is like well-done plastic surgery. A new tattoo is something to be proud of. Not only because of the nice design but also because of the bravery factor. All those positive feelings are connected with endorphins. The brain hormones have a major influence on our moods and feelings. One of the biggest draws enticing people to return to tattooing is the process itself. Yes, getting a tattoo does hurt – but it’s the body’s response to this pain that makes getting tattooed feel so good. Your body releases a combination of endorphins and adrenaline, resulting in a euphoric state. This feeling makes it impossible to stop at just one tattoo!

5. Tattoos Can Cover Up Scars

For many people, it is important to cover scars after an injury. It is even more important if the scars are caused by any kind of violence. Looking at the scars can be triggering for victims who have post-traumatic stress disorder. Getting a tattoo that covers up old scars can help to forget and forgive and move on from the trauma. 

Covering up scars is also used in therapy after breast cancer. Women who have undergone a mastectomy often get nipples tattooed on their breast reconstruction. If you’ve never seen a 3D nipple tattoo, it is worth the google search. It’s an amazing tattoo that helps women recover from the trauma of losing their breasts and help them feel whole again. 

Feeling Inkspired?

Getting a tattoo on a drunken Saturday night is a thing of the past. Tattoos are custom, sentimental, life-changing, and inspiring. Being a tattoo artist in 2022, is not only an amazing career that allows you to make your own schedule with a limitless income, but it gives you the power to literally change someone’s life. 

At Body Art & Soul Tattoos, we offer a GUARANTEED Job Offer upon completion of your tattoo apprenticeship. If you were on the fence about changing careers due to finding a job after your training, Problem Solved! Stop waiting because it’s time you start making a living from your art! Seats to our tattoo apprenticeship are limited, so chat with one of our advisors today at . 

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