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5 Tricky Things About Traditional Photography That Beginners Need to Know

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

If you have decided to pursue traditional photography, then there are several different factors you will want to keep in mind to get great photos. Using these tips will turn your photos from ordinary to extraordinary, and it can lead to a new career that you love.

Choose the Right Shutter Speed

The amount of time that your shutter stays open determines the amount of light allowed to hit the film. If you want the motion to look like it has stopped, then use a very short shutter speed. If you want an object to look like it is moving, then choose an even shorter shutter speed to get a motion blur.

Pick the Right Aperture

The amount of light that enters the camera is also dependent on the aperture. It also determines how much of the photo is in focus. If you want to emphasize the main subject of your photo, then try using the largest aperture available. If you want the whole photo to be in focus, then choose the smallest aperture. Technically, this is called the depth of field with the first example being a shallow depth of focus while the latter is a deeper depth of focus.

Select the Right Film Speed

Using the right film speed can make a tremendous difference in how your photos come out. Films with a higher speed are more sensitive to light. Speeds above 400 are recommended for situations where there is little light, and these speeds also make it easier to freeze action. On the other hand, choosing film speeds of 100 or 200 is great for bright sunlight and in shots where you want the motion to blur.

Use the Golden Hour

The golden hour occurs just as the sun is coming up and as it sets in the evening. During these times, the light has a special yellow hue that is absent at other times of the day, and it has to travel farther, making it more diverse. This is the perfect time to shoot many objects and landscapes as shadows are longer, which gives your photos a more three-dimensional appearance. It is also easier to properly expose the foreground, subject and background to add more depth to your photos.

Print and Store Your Photos

If you have ever cleaned out an old house, then chances are that you found rolls of forgotten film tucked in a drawer. Instead of letting that happen to your photos, get them developed immediately or develop them at home yourself. Photographs need to be stored a certain way or else they could be seriously damaged. They shouldn’t just be put in a shoebox and forgotten in the attic. By placing them in Mylar sleeves in a photo album or framing them and hanging them on a wall you are protecting them for years to come. The worst enemies of photos are dirt, unstable temperatures and light.

Traditional photography is a great hobby. While using a camera may seem confusing to begin with, when you master these basics, you can grow in confidence as a photographer.

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