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A solution for working parents who want to travel

A Solution for Working Parents Who Want to Travel The Travelling Village is an ambitious new experiment uniting 19 digital nomad families for a four-month co-living and co-traveling journey across the world. For many working parents, the desire to travel and explore new places often conflicts with the realities of their jobs and family responsibilities. Balancing work and family life can be challenging, and finding the time and flexibility to travel can seem nearly impossible. However, a new solution called The Travelling Village aims to make traveling with kids a reality for working parents. The concept of The Travelling Village is simple yet innovative. It brings together a group of digital nomad families who want to travel and work remotely while exploring different parts of the world. The idea is to create a supportive community where families can come together, share experiences, and navigate the challenges of working and traveling with children. The Travelling Village is not just about traveling; it's about creating a journey that combines work, education, and personal growth. The program spans over four months and includes visits to five different countries. Each family is given a fully furnished apartment equipped with a workspace, ensuring that remote work can be done efficiently. One of the main benefits of The Travelling Village is the support and camaraderie it offers to working parents. Being surrounded by like-minded families who are going through similar experiences can have a tremendous positive impact. The sense of community helps create a support system where parents can exchange advice, share insights

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