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Alex Jones ordered to sell assets to pay Sandy Hook debt

Alex Jones, the controversial host of Infowars, has been ordered to sell assets to pay off a $1.5 billion debt owed to the families of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. This ruling comes after the courts found that Jones had defamed the families by peddling conspiracy theories that claimed the shooting was a hoax. Jones, known for his far-right views and sensationalist reporting, has faced numerous lawsuits over the years for his inflammatory statements. In this particular case, the families of eight victims who tragically lost their lives during the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, filed a defamation lawsuit against Jones. The Infowars host repeatedly claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged, calling it a "giant hoax" orchestrated by the government to promote gun control. He accused the grieving parents of being crisis actors and asserted that no children were actually killed in the attack. These baseless and hurtful allegations sparked outrage and disbelief among the victims' families, leading them to take legal action. After a lengthy legal battle, a judge in Austin, Texas, ruled in favor of the families, finding Jones guilty of defamation and ordering him to pay a staggering $1.5 billion in damages. To ensure that the families receive the compensation they are owed, the court has now ordered Jones to sell his assets, including real estate and other properties. While it is highly unlikely that the families will be able to fully recover the $1.5 billion, this judgment sends a strong message

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