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Alex Jones’ Wife Responds To News That Jones Sent Nude Pic Of Her To Roger Stone–And, Yi

Boy, poor unhinged InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones just can’t catch a break.

He’s on the hook for millions of dollars in defamation judgments with more on the way, a national laughingstock after his lawyer accidentally blew up his defense, and now in trouble with his wife for sending naked photos of her to far-right politico Roger Stone.

Speculation began swirling practically the moment attorney Mark Bankston mentioned “intimate texts” between Jones and Stone as people wondered what was meant by “intimate”–highly sensitive, or, God help us, actually sexual? Turns out it was both.

Worse still, Jones’ wife Erika Wulff-Jones has confirmed she did not consent to the photo being shared, and she’s not exactly happy about it.

You gotta hand it to Jones–accusing the parents of the victims of a school shooting of faking the whole thing is about as nauseatingly sordid as you can get, but he still found a way to put a repulsive cherry on top of the whole thing. That’s talent.

u201cAlex Jones’ wife said she is ‘unaware’ and ‘upset’ her husband sent a nude photo of her to Roger Stone — Insider News (@Insider News) 1660062274

Wulff-Jones found out about the photo the way we all did–when news broke that the photo was included in the texts that Jones’ lawyer accidentally sent to Mark Bankston, who represents the parents of Sandy Hook victims who sued Jones for defamation.

Speaking to Insider about the betrayal, Wulff-Jones was equal parts upset and blasé.

She said:

“Honestly I was unaware that this occurred. I’m sure this was some type of brag exchange, look how hot my wife is type thing.”

She went on to shrug the whole thing off in a way that has struck many as ominous.

“I am upset that he took privilege to send the image to someone without my knowledge. However, that’s really the least of my problems right now.”

It’s not clear what she was referencing, but her husband’s spectacular descent into legal jeopardy is likely top of the list.

Jones is on the hook for $43.9 million in damages for his years-long campaign of preposterous lies about Sandy Hook–with two other related defamation trials on the way.

The texts his own lawyer leaked proved that he perjured himself in depositions and in court, opening him up to potential prosecution for perjury.

And those same texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, since both Jones and Stone are heavily implicated in the coup attempt at the Capitol that day.

But Wulff-Jones’ confirmation that her husband shared the photo without her consent adds a new layer to this mess, making Jones texting the photo a crime in many states, as Bankston mentioned in an interview yesterday,

All in all, not a great time to be Alex Jones or the person married to him.

And on Twitter, people couldn’t believe that this sordid story had yet more unsavory details.

u201cAlex Jones sent nudes of his wife to Roger Stone without her consent or knowledge, and I’m going to go spend a few days screaming in a cave.u201d — Slickpoetry…the one and only (@Slickpoetry…the one and only) 1660071893
u201cItu2019s like my daddy always used to say, u201c You lie down with dogs, youu2019re gonna get fleas.nn#AlexJones’ wife said she is ‘unaware’ and ‘upset’ her husband sent a nude photo of her to Roger Stone — DTwyman (@DTwyman) 1660068790
u201cAlex Jones sent nude photos of his own wife, Erika Wulff-Jones, to Roger Stone – the creepiest creep that ever creeped – without her consent and she really just said in an interview, “That’s the least of my problems right now.”nnDAMN.u201d — Brianne M. Kohl (@Brianne M. Kohl) 1660066101
u201cShouldn’t be long before Erika Wulff Jones contacts a divorce lawyer.u201d — Spectre (@Spectre) 1660011294
u201cAlex Jones sending a naked picture of his wife to Roger Stone is exactly the kind of thing that makes u201cChristian family valuesu201d folks like @RepMTG love Alex Jones.u201d — Richard Marx (@Richard Marx) 1660059319
u201cAlex Jones sending an xxx pic of his wife to Roger Stone? Ewww.u201d — gru00e9goire (@gru00e9goire) 1660053309
u201cThe same people upset that a legal search warrant was executed on a former president were also upset that a committee was formed to investigate the people who attacked the Capitol. And theyu2019re the same people who are cool with Alex Jones sending nudes of his wife to Roger Stone.u201d — Rex Chapmanud83cudfc7ud83cudffc (@Rex Chapmanud83cudfc7ud83cudffc) 1660068937
— barbara lombard (@barbara lombard) 1660059143
u201cWe broke this story last night. Now let me add my commentary. Who sends a nude pic of their wife to a bro? Especially one as awful as Roger Stone. An absolute slimeball, that’s who. Alex Jones is a disgusting human being on every level.u201d — Cenk Uygur (@Cenk Uygur) 1660047272
u201cHow to make yourself even look more of a scumbag than you currently are.nnAlex Jones’ wife said she is ‘unaware’ and ‘upset’ her husband sent a nude photo of her to Roger Stonenn nn#PatriotsUnite #NationalDivorceu201d — Woman, Get Angry, Protest and then VOTE. (@Woman, Get Angry, Protest and then VOTE.) 1660067918

On his show over the weekend, Jones claimed that he had sent the naked photo to his wife, not to Stone, and that there was very little else of note among the leaked texts. We should probably just go ahead and let the January 6 Committee be he judge of that.

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