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Barcelona have a €30 million higher salary limit than Real Madrid

Barcelona remain the team with most freedom when it comes to wage limits in LaLiga as Real Madrid sit second and Atlético close the gap in third.


Barcelona have the highest salary limit in LaLiga. They have increased their limit by €38.52 million from €632.9m to €671.42mfrom last year. Madrid continue in second with €641 million (+€74.55m) and Atlético sit in third with a limit of €384.5m as they continue to cut the gap at the top of the list. They were previously on €322.92m.


All of the team in LaLiga have increased their limits aside from Villarreal, who see a drop of €539, and Leganés, who see a drop of €782. Those with the lowest salary limits include Granada (€35.46m), Valladolid (€32.03m) and Mallorca (€29.96m)

The salary limit is the maximum amount that can be invested in spending that covers players wages, manager and assistant manager, physical trainer, academy and other areas. It is calculated based on the difference between income and the structural costs of every team. The salary limit also includes salaries both fixed and variable, social security, premiums, acquisition cost (and agent fees) along with amortization.


Each team is responsible for coming up with a salary limit and LaLiga's committee for validation approves the figure or adjusts it to ensure the club's financial stability. Not every team proposes their maximim limit, however, and they can set it to suit their budget. They can also adjust it if they sell a player or bring a new sponsor on board.


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