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BBC araştırması: Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, Yemen'de siyasi suikastları finanse etti

BBC's recent investigation reveals that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been financing political assassinations in Yemen, thereby exacerbating the conflicts that have recently garnered international attention between the Yemeni government and warring factions in the Red Sea region. The UAE has drawn significant controversy for its involvement in Yemen's ongoing civil war. However, this investigation sheds light on a new dimension of their involvement, specifically their financial support for targeted killings. According to the BBC's findings, the UAE has been providing funds to Yemeni individuals or groups engaged in assassinations for political purposes. This revelation underscores the UAE's active role in escalating the violence and perpetuating the cycle of instability in Yemen. The conflicts in Yemen are multifaceted, involving various factions, including Houthi rebels, the Yemeni government forces, and southern separatist groups. The UAE's financial backing of political assassinations heightens tensions even further and deepens the existing divisions within the country. The investigation also highlights the scale of the problem, revealing that the UAE-backed assassinations have occurred not only in Yemen but also abroad. The report points out instances where targeted killings were orchestrated by Yemeni individuals funded by the UAE in Aden, Sanaa, and even in Turkey. These assassinations aim to eliminate prominent figures who oppose or pose a threat to the UAE's interests in Yemen. The BBC investigation reveals that politicians, journalists, and human rights activists critical of the UAE's role in Yemen have been targeted and silenced through violent means. One such high-profile case is the killing of Aden's airport security chief, General Mansour al-Hasani. The investigation suggests that his assassination was carried out by individuals affiliated with a UAE-backed Yemeni group, considering his opposition to the UAE's influence in Aden. The report also sheds light on the UAE's support for Yemeni militias involved in the conflicts in the Red Sea region. It highlights the funding of operations against the Houthi rebels and other groups challenging the UAE's presence in the area. The UAE's involvement in Yemen goes beyond financial support. The investigation reveals their active participation in training Yemeni militias, providing weapons, and deploying their own troops on the ground. This multifaceted approach has allowed the UAE to exert significant influence over the course of the conflicts in Yemen. The consequences of the UAE's actions are severe, with Yemen paying the ultimate price. The country has been ravaged by years of conflict, resulting in widespread humanitarian crises, including food shortages, disease outbreaks, and displacement of millions of people. The revelations from this investigation raise important questions about the UAE's accountability for their actions in Yemen. The international community must address these concerns and hold the UAE responsible for its role in exacerbating the conflicts and perpetuating violence through political assassinations. Moreover, the findings stress the need for a comprehensive and inclusive peace process in Yemen. The UAE's direct involvement in the conflicts further complicates the already challenging task of achieving a peaceful resolution. Efforts towards peace in Yemen must involve all relevant parties, including the UAE, and address the root causes of the conflicts. This entails addressing political grievances, ensuring inclusivity, and providing humanitarian assistance to the millions of Yemenis affected by the violence. The international community, including the United Nations, must play a vital role in facilitating dialogue and negotiations between the conflicting parties. They should also exert pressure on the UAE to cease their support for political assassinations and invest in efforts that promote stability, peace, and the welfare of the Yemeni people. In conclusion, BBC's investigation into the UAE's financing of political assassinations in Yemen has brought to light a disturbing aspect of their involvement in the conflicts. The revelations underscore the UAE's active role in escalating violence and perpetuating instability in the country. The international community must address these concerns, hold the UAE accountable, and work towards a comprehensive and inclusive peace process in Yemen.

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