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Bee-Ing Bold for Life: Babylon Bee CEO Says “Murder Doesn’t Fix Rape” on Joe Rogan

In a clip that that is quickly making the rounds on social media, the CEO of the Babylon Bee, Seth Dillion, recently owned a conversation with popular podcast host Joe Rogan when he stood firm on the fact that all life is precious and should be protected, no matter how you were conceived. As Students for Life of America (SFLA) has been a longstanding advocate for protection of all preborn babies, we loved the clip — and we know you will, too!

Watch the video below:  

Rogan makes the assertion that although choosing life is good for some people, abortion is the better choice for others — particularly if a child was conceived out of rape. Using a classic (and philosophically unsound) pro-abortion argument, he said:  

“Women who have been raped should not have to f*cking carry some rapist’s baby. There’s women who have been sexually assaulted since before the age of 14…we have to agree [that they should be allowed to have an abortion].”  

Dillion replied, “Well, there are also people that have been born of rape and are alive right now and are pro-life. They go around speaking about how “I had a right to live” and make a pro-life case.”  

Rogan missed the point and continued to state that no one had a right to make someone carry a rapist’s baby — and then he made it personal by repeatedly telling Dillion, “You don’t have the right to tell my 14-year-old daughter that she has to carry her rapist’s baby.”  

Babylon Bee Joe Rogan Show

It’s interesting to note that while Rogan attempted to throw off Dillion by mentioning his child, he failed to realize that the conceived baby would also be his grandchild. Isn’t a grandchild similarly worthy of protection?  

Regardless, the worth of a child isn’t measured by who the parents or grandparents are; it is valuable by one measure only, and that is that it is a human life. No matter how a life came to be, it is intrinsically full of worth and deserving of protection. As Dillion mentioned, the lives of those who were conceived through consent are just as important as the lives of those who were conceived through rape from the moment of conception — and these people do exist and advocate for life.  

Ryan Bomberger, the founder of the Radiance Foundation, is an excellent example.  

Through his activism to promote life for preborn children, Bomberger has shared his own story and how he was conceived through rape. His mother courageously chose life for him, and he was adopted at six weeks old into a loving family. Now, he runs his own organization fighting for the lives of other children like him which the media — and Joe Rogan — say are not worthy of life. To watch his testimony, check out the video below of Bomberger at a SFLA rally:  

(To listen to Bomberger talk with SFLA President Kristan Hawkins on the Explicitly Pro-Life podcast, click HERE.)  

Dillion made an excellent point in his discussion with Rogan by bringing up the fact that people like Bomberger are people, too — and he also had an epic mic-drop moment afterwards when he said, “I don’t think that two wrongs make a right. I don’t think that murder fixes a rape.” 

Dillion is absolutely correct: murder certainly doesn’t fix rape. It only inflicts more violence on another human being and more emotional trauma on a rape survivor. That’s why it’s ridiculous for the abortion lobby to act like abortion is “healthcare” for a rape survivor — no, abortion is only an extension of the injustice.  

For more mic-drop moments from Dillion, check out his appearance on the SFLA Speak Out podcast with Christine Yeargin. Here’s a spoiler quote from the episode: “Abortion is healthcare the way rape is lovemaking.” View the video below:  

SFLA is also happy to announce that Dillion will be a featured speaker at the 2023 National Pro-Life Summit. We are excited to have Dillion come speak about outrageous actions of the abortion lobby through a humorous lens as it often takes humor for us to realize the absurdity of things that have become commonplace — like abortion.  

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