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Biden Brings in Professional Bagman John Podesta to Divvy Up the $316 Billion in Climate Change Mone

Joe Biden has hired John Podesta to be the new Clean Energy Czar [Announcement Here] citing his experience in progressive causes.  Hilariously, the New York Times is running with a justification that Podesta holds some prior experience in advancing the climate change agenda. [See Here]

(NYT) […] In bringing on Mr. Podesta, Mr. Biden continues to surround himself with veterans of past Democratic administrations, old hands who can step into challenging positions without on-the-job training.

“His deep roots in climate and clean energy policy and his experience at senior levels of government mean we can truly hit the ground running,” Mr. Biden said of Mr. Podesta in a statement. (more)

You might remember that Steven Chu was the Obama Climate Change Czar for the first clean energy boondoggle that came as an outcome of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), those shovel ready jobs that didn’t materialize and carried the Solyndra spending nonsense.

John Podesta had nothing to do with the Obama-era clean energy initiatives or energy spending programs. Podesta was inserted into Obama’s orbit in the second term (2013) specifically to watch out for Hillary Clinton’s interests when she left to run for President.   Podesta later joined her in 2015 and took over the strategy team.

Bottom line, John Podesta is being now being hired to divvy up the $316 billion in Green New Deal money recently authorized by congress.  That is what Podesta specializes in, the distribution of taxpayer money to DNC allied groups and networks in advance of the 2022 midterms.   Podesta, Hillary’s fixer, is a bagman, nothing more.

Podesta will now take the $316 billion and distribute the funds according to political priorities.   Anyone who says anything different is being intellectually dishonest and obtuse in the extreme.

[White House] – Today, President Biden announced that John Podesta will serve as Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation and Ali Zaidi will be promoted to Assistant to the President and National Climate Advisor. In his new role, Podesta will oversee implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s expansive clean energy and climate provisions and will chair the President’s National Climate Task Force in support of this effort. Zaidi will step into the role of National Climate Advisor and will be vice-chair of the National Climate Task Force. Gina McCarthy will depart the White House on September 16. (more)


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