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‘Bombshell’ moment lawyer found out about Horizon bugs

Simon Clarke, a lawyer, recently revealed a "bombshell" moment during an inquiry, shedding light on when he discovered that an expert was aware of IT bugs in the Horizon system and how he assisted in stopping prosecutions related to these issues. The Horizon system, created by Fujitsu, is used by the Post Office to manage its branch network. However, for years, numerous sub-postmasters were wrongly accused of theft, fraud, and false accounting due to Horizon's glitches. Clarke, a former solicitor for the Post Office, testified at the ongoing inquiry into the Horizon scandal. He explained that he was searching through emails in January 2013 when he came across a message from his colleague, Robert Clarke (no relation), who was an expert in information technology. The email referenced IT bugs in the Horizon system and raised concerns about the reliability of the evidence being used against sub-postmasters. Describing it as a "bombshell" moment, Simon Clarke immediately contacted Robert, expressing his shock and seeking further information. Robert disclosed that he had reported the Horizon system's bugs to various individuals within the Post Office, including management and the prosecution team. However, this information was not shared with the defense teams. Simon Clarke recognized the potential implications of this discovery. He realized that these IT bugs could have resulted in wrongful convictions or averted guilty pleas from sub-postmasters who were unaware of the system's flaws. Determined to rectify the situation, he took immediate action to halt proceedings in several cases

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