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Clarence Thomas stands strong, pride in US takes a big downturn and more top headlines | Fox News

Good morning and welcome to Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First. . And here’s what you need to know to start your day …

JUSTICE PREVAILS – Clarence Thomas’ influence is stronger than ever, despite attacks from the left, allies say. 

PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN? – Poll reveals which political party is most patriotic — and shows national pride has seen a dramatic downturn.

‘NO INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY’- MSNBC replacing Rachel Maddow with previously canceled host puzzles insiders.

HISTORIC MISTAKE – GMA deletes Twitter gaffe from SCOTUS Justice Jackson’s swearing-in ceremony.

ALL-AMERICAN HOLIDAY – Ten quick facts about Fourth of July food and firework spending, celebrations and travel plans.

SHROUDED IN MYSTERY – Deaths of New Jersey politico, teacher still weighing on family eight years later.

‘WON’T BACK DOWN’ – Democratic representative arrested at Capitol during pro-choice protest

FIGHTING FOR LIFE – Ron DeSantis vows to appeal abortion ban ruling to the state Supreme Court. 

ROOT CAUSE – Poll reveals most Americans disagree with Supreme Court gun ruling, but blame mental health for mass shootings.

LEFT-WING RACISM – Former CNN+ host Rex Chapman suggests Clarence Thomas is a ‘Black White Supremacist.’ 

‘NOT A BALANCE’ – Whoopi Goldberg suggests packing Supreme Court on ‘The View’: ‘I’m in favor of getting my country back.’

‘TOUGH BREAK’ – MSNBC’s Chris Hayes mocked for claiming Supreme Court is ‘now a threat to the planet.’

‘HOBBLES AMERICA’- MSNBC, CNN and more rip Supreme Court over EPA ruling, lament Biden administration loss.


JESSE WATTERS – Biden used to be tough on crime.

TUCKER CARLSON – Allowing Brazil to become a colony of China would be a significant blow to us.

SEAN HANNITY – Democrats and the media mob are focused on one thing only – the riot that took place on Jan. 6.

LAURA INGRAHAM – This is a ‘miserable’ time for the Left. 


HELP FAMILIES HEAL – America’s military and veterans with PTSD have a fighting chance.

‘I WAS LOST’ – TikTok star Cristina Baker tells Fox News Digital how she found God after surviving homelessness, addiction. 

ABORTION BILL FALLOUT – State Rep. Erin Zewiner: I’m a pro-choice Texan and after Supreme Court’s abortion decision, this is what we must do. 

‘SHAM TRIAL’ – WNBA superstar Brittney Griner heads to trial as Russian court system is under the microscope. 

What’s it looking like in your neighborhood?

“There is only one remaining African country that dares to recognize Taiwan – and it happens to be among the smallest countries in Africa – Swaziland. Everyone else on the continent obeys Beijing.”



Thank you for making us your first choice in the morning! Have a great time celebrating the Fourth of July weekend, stay safe and we’ll see you in your inbox first thing Tuesday.


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