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Common Dental Procedures as You Get Older

One of the most important aspects of your overall health to consider is your dental health. Bad dental health can lead to serious overall health issues. To stay up to date with your dental health, you may need these common dental procedures as you get older.

Getting a Dental Crown

When you get a cavity or experience any kind of tooth decay, there are a few different treatment options you can have depending on the severity of the issue. For a cavity, your dentist can often drill out the decaying part of the tooth and fill it in with a dental polymer. However, more serious issues may require other treatments, such as a root canal or a crown.

A crown is a cap that can be permanently placed over your damaged or decaying tooth to prevent further issues. This is common as you get older, and your teeth become weaker. Getting this procedure will require two visits to your dentist.

During the first visit, they’ll shave down your tooth, and make a mold of your tooth to create the crown. They’ll also fit you with a temporary crown until you can come back. Then, you’ll get your permanent crown installed during the second visit.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Another common dental procedure that many people receive is wisdom teeth removal. Your wisdom teeth are extra canines that come in between the ages of 17 and 24. Most people don’t have room for these extra teeth in their mouth, and leaving them in can cause problems. About 70% of people have their wisdom teeth removed. The procedure is incredibly simple and commonplace.

A professional will put you under, remove the teeth, stitch up the wounds, and you’re ready to go. The entire procedure only takes about an hour. Recovery can be a bit painful, but your surgeon should provide you with pain medication and resources to help with the recovery process.

Teeth Whitening

This last procedure is much more cosmetic than the previous two. As people grow older, they start taking steps to ensure that their smile looks its best. This includes things like orthodontics but also includes teeth whitening. This is a simple, non-invasive procedure where your dentist applies a substance to your teeth that removes surface stains and makes them whiter and brighter. Getting your teeth whitened can be a big confidence boost, especially for those who are frequently photographed or filmed.

Staying up to date with the dental work you need is an important aspect of your overall health. As you get older, you’ll require different types of dental care to keep up with your needs. These are a few of the most common dental procedures you’ll need as you get older.

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