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Crazy Nancy Pelosi Claims Her Son Didn’t Have Business Dealings When Traveling with Her to Asi

Crazy Nancy Pelosi claims admits that her son did travel with her on her trip to Asia but says he didn’t have any business deals while on the trip. 

The Gateway Pundit broke the story over the weekend that Paul Pelosi, Jr. was seen with his mom on her recent trip to Asia.

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As we noted last night:

TGP reported over the weekend that corrupt Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Asia last week and brought along her son, Paul Pelosi Jr.  Based on this and other actions we questioned if the purpose of Pelosi’s trip was to increase her family’s portfolio rather than represent her country.

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Pelosi didn’t care if she started WWIII.  China was reportedly upset with her visit to Taiwan but in reality, as President Trump noted in his speech at CPAC Texas this past weekend, Pelosi actually gave China an excuse to invade Taiwan while blaming it on Pelosi.

Pelosi’s meeting that wasn’t on her itinerary was with TSM, which is a huge chip maker and the world’s 9th largest company by market cap.

$TSM is the 9th largest company in the world, with a market cap of almost $500B

– They currently are planning to build a brand new $12B facility in Arizona

– According to Taiwan media, they discussed how the new $280B CHIPS act will benefit $TSM and these plans

— Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker ♟ (@PelosiTracker_) August 3, 2022

Today Pelosi confirmed that her son was with her on the trip.  She said his role was that of her escort.  She then said that of course her son did not have any business dealings when in Asia.

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Nancy Pelosi INSISTS her son had no “business dealings” when he joined her trip to Asia:

“No, he did not, of course he did not.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 10, 2022

Pelosi is saying presumably she and specifically, her son did not have any business dealings while in Asia.  Well, maybe the next question should be why then did she have a secret meeting with the world’s 9th largest company in Taiwan?

This stinks like a Hunter and Joe “Big Guy” meeting with China. 

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