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Dodgers News: Roberts Delivers Another Update On Clayton Kershaw’s Uncertain Return

When Clayton Kershaw pulled himself out at the bottom of the fifth in Thursday’s game, Dodgers fans immediately began to worry.

The 34 year old southpaw was named to the 15-day IL for the second time this season on Friday with lower back pain. His first trip to the IL was due to inflammation in his pelvic joint, following a Dodgers win in Chicago. 

The day after his start, Kershaw got an MRI which revealed nothing new according to Dave Roberts which is “best case scenario.” However, the three-time NL Cy Young Award winner was still placed on the IL as a safety precaution.

Saturday, Roberts delivered news that Kershaw had received an epidural shot which he is familiar with from the past.

#Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Clayton Kershaw did receive an epidural injection yesterday. They’ll know more in a couple of days when he’ll pick up a baseball. — Juan Toribio (@juanctoribio) August 6, 2022

A trip to the IL is unfortunately nothing new for the nine-time All-Star. During the first 8 seasons of his career, he had only taken one trip to the injured list. Since 2016, Kershaw has been named to the injured list 10 different times.

Despite a stretch of injuries, Kershaw has still remained one of the best in the game. He 7-3 with a 2.64 ERA and 88 strikeouts in 85? innings. The Dodgers veteran has helped lead the team to a 73-33 overall record, the current best in the league.

Although his return date is still uncertain, the team is sure to take extra precaution and ensure that Kershaw, who has spent the past 14 seasons with the Dodgers is ready to carry the team to a World Series title.

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