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Does your business have social media presence?

Does your business have a social media presence? How confident do you feel about your business’ social media presence? Are you getting results with your business social media presence? Is it something you are strategic about? Or are you one of the many business owners who neglect social in favor of “more important” or “more time-sensitive” tasks?

If you fall into that latter camp, you aren’t alone. However, here’s the thing: Your customers are searching for you on social media. Research has proven that one in three users turns to social media when looking for more information about a company, brand, or product. That means you need not only an active presence but also an impressive and accurate representation of your small business. If not, you risk falling behind to your competitors, losing new clients, and slow to no growth in your business.

It’s easy to let your social profiles collect dust. It's easy to let people fool you into believing you don't need a social media presence.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can follow in cleaning up your small business social media presence and capture the attention of potential customers. 

The first step is contacting FACTO today!

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