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Engineered Tax Services Expands into a Technology-Driven Powerhouse with New Investment from RevRoad

Engineered Tax Services (ETS), a leading tax credits and incentives advisory firm in the United States, is set to become even more powerful with a new investment from RevRoad. This strategic partnership will propel ETS into the realm of technology-driven solutions, enabling them to provide even better services to their clients. RevRoad is a venture services firm that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed. By aligning with ETS, RevRoad sees an opportunity to enhance ETS's technological capabilities and create innovative solutions within the tax and incentives industry. With this investment, ETS will be able to further develop their proprietary software platform, CREDIT, which provides clients with streamlined access to tax credit and incentive programs. The platform incorporates advanced analytics and data-driven insights, allowing businesses to optimize their tax strategies and maximize savings. The expansion into technology-driven solutions will also enable ETS to enhance their overall service offering. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, ETS can provide clients with more accurate and efficient tax credit calculations. This level of sophistication ensures that businesses can take full advantage of available credits and incentives. "By partnering with RevRoad, we are entering a new phase of growth and technological advancement," said Julio Gonzalez, CEO of ETS. "This investment will allow us to continue innovating and expanding our services, ultimately providing our clients with even greater value." RevRoad, known for its expertise in technology and business growth, will provide ETS with the necessary resources and guidance to scale their operations and reach a wider client base. This collaboration will also open doors to new partnerships and opportunities within the technology sector. "We are excited to partner with ETS and support them in their mission to revolutionize the tax and incentives industry," said Derrin Hill, CEO of RevRoad. "With our combined expertise, we believe we can create game-changing solutions that will drive significant value for businesses." The partnership with RevRoad comes at a time of increased importance placed on tax credits and incentives by businesses across various sectors. These incentives can provide significant financial advantages, enabling companies to invest in growth, expansion, and research and development. By combining ETS's deep expertise in tax credits and incentives with RevRoad's technological capabilities, the two companies aim to accelerate growth and innovation within the industry. The partnership will enable ETS to continue providing invaluable advisory services to clients while enhancing their capabilities through technology. "We have seen firsthand the positive impact that tax credits and incentives can have on businesses," added Gonzalez. "With this new investment, we can ensure that more businesses are aware of the opportunities available to them and can leverage these advantages to drive growth and success." Engineered Tax Services has been at the forefront of the tax credits and incentives industry since its inception in 2001. The firm has successfully assisted numerous businesses in identifying and securing tax credits, resulting in millions of dollars in savings. RevRoad, with its track record of partnering with high-potential companies and guiding them to success, is an ideal partner for ETS. The firm not only provides capital but also mentorship, operational expertise, and access to a wide network of strategic partners. Together, ETS and RevRoad are poised to disrupt the tax credits and incentives landscape with their innovative technology-driven solutions. As businesses increasingly seek to optimize their financial strategies, ETS's expanded capabilities will provide them with the tools they need to thrive in a highly competitive market. The investment from RevRoad is a testament to ETS's proven track record and their position as a leader in the tax credits and incentives space. With the strengthened technological foundation, ETS can solidify its position as the go-to advisory firm for businesses looking to maximize their tax savings. In conclusion, Engineered Tax Services is set to become a technology-driven powerhouse with the new investment from RevRoad. This partnership will allow ETS to enhance their technological capabilities, develop innovative solutions, and provide even greater value to their clients. By combining their deep expertise in tax credits and incentives with cutting-edge technology, ETS is well-positioned to lead the industry into the future.

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