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‘Evil’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 — ‘Demon of Money’ | TVLine

The person who dies in this week’s Evil is not the person I expected would die in this week’s Evil.

I was sure Grace was going to go gentle into that good night, especially after her interaction with Sheryl at Kristen’s birthday party. But I definitely did not have “Monsignor Korecki as stealth badass” on my End Times Bingo Card.

Anyway, read on for the highlights of “The Demon of Money.”

TAKE THAT, POMODORO METHOD | In Dr. Boggs’ office, Kristen processes her grief — and guilt — over Valerie’s murder in the previous episode. She relates how Valerie’s husband was exhibiting strange behavior, but “I didn’t warn her. I didn’t warn anyone,” she says. What makes her feel even worse? That she’s relieved that her egg isn’t going to become a person, after all, despite the horrific way that came to pass. And while we’re saying the quiet parts out loud, Kristen confesses that she’s worried Andy might never return but also thinks “in some way, that might be simpler.”

Boggs assures her that thoughts are not actions, and their conversation comes to a stop when David texts and she needs to leave. But on her way out, she catches the doctor singing along to the demonic record player, and she asks him what the heck he’s doing. “It’s from writing Twitter!” he cries gleefully (ha!), giving her his half-finished manuscript to read. She side-eyes everything he says and does, but takes the pages and leaves.

At home later, Kristen is dismayed to see that Boggs’ pages are full of gibberish. Some are printed backwards. She puts it aside in confusion, but Lila finds it later and reads it by holding the pages up to a mirror. Unbeknownst to Kristen, she and her sisters wind up loving the story (which is about a woman who lives in a mansion with her four daughters). And when Dr. Boggs calls for Kristen, and Laura realizes he’s the one who wrote the story, she demands more — and this interaction with a fan makes him deliriously happy.

THE SHADOW KNOWS | Kristen meets up with David and Ben at a marina in the East River, where a very rich man is holed up on his yacht. He’s sure a demon is following him, and that the infernal creature started its pursuit when the man’s investments hit it big. He shows them footage he’s capture via security camera: A figure that looks like it’s wearing a black hoodie walks very oddly, seemingly causing light bulbs to implode as he passes. The figure has even gained access to the yacht, but it hasn’t been able to break through the final barrier and get to the rich dude. Ben links his phone to the ship’s security cameras and says he’ll monitor.

After David meets up with Grace (a LOT more on that in a minute) and she has a vision that links his current case to one of the demonic sigils, he returns to the yacht to show the rich guy the sigil. The man recognizes it from a logo on a pen belonging to a woman who used to come to the bank where he worked as a teller. So the trio visits that woman, who says her uncle gave her the pen. Both she and her uncle — like the yacht-owner — got rich quick after investing in a stock called DF, which just happens to have the sigil as its emblem. And both she and her uncle — like the yacht-owner — were dogged by a scary shadow figure soon after they hit it big. She got rid of it by giving away literally everything she had bought with her DF gains.

When David, Ben and Kristen visit the woman’s uncle, they learn he did the same — and his list included his reconstructed nose, a LASIK-improved eye and his wife’s breast implants. (Yeek.)

Before the yacht guy can do much with the information that the assessors give him, the shadow figure gets into his boat. Ben sees it all on the security footage and speeds to the marina… where the yacht guy is floating, dead, in the river. Kristen & Co. look into DF Global Solutions, which they learn is a real estate, social media and crypto-trading company. (Sound like any company we know?)

After Karima assists Ben in trying to figure out what’s going on, she buys a bunch of DF shares… and soon starts seeing the shadow figure in her periphery. In an effort to prove that it’s all nonsense, Ben buys some shares, too… and soon is running from the shadow as he heads home one night. David posits that the figure accompanies the stock tip, not the stock success, so Kristen has Ben give her the tip. And then she marches straight to the house of the guy she beat up in the grocery store and tells him that she wants a truce. And to show how earnest she is, she’s even going to share a hot stock tip with him… In related news: I love her.

MON-SEE YA! | OK, back to Grace. The Church is frustrated that Grace isn’t having many visions, but after she has one during David’s visit, the assembled priests and Entity members start listening to him. David suggests that they put Grace into an environment where there are children, like the daycare where she used to work. But that’s closed now, so he wiggles her an invite to accompany Kristen and her daughters to a Chuck E. Cheese-style restaurant with a ballpit and such. (It’s Kristen’s birthday, and the outing apparently is a family tradition. And while at first glance I was convinced it was the ice cream parlor from Yes Day, it is not.)

Kristen’s girls love Grace, and the feeling is mutual. Laura feels so comfortable with the prophetess that she asks when Andy is coming home. “Next Thursday,” Grace tells her, then hops out of the ball pit and starts drawing like crazy on placemats. She winds up filling in missing sections of the Codex, and Victor LaConte is pleased. “This is a century of work in one day, in less than one day,” he says in wonder.


In the kitchen, Kristen sheepishly asks if she can ask the prophetess about Lexis the way she previously asked her about Laura’s heart. She confesses her fear about Lexis not being inherently good. Grace says that’s wrong: “Lexis is a good girl, but she needs you to protect her… there are people wanting her to do bad things.” Then, she gets a flash and starts drawing: Her sketch is of the room in which Andy is being held captive. “Your husband… he needs your help,” she says to Kristen as Sheryl, who witnesses the interaction from a few feet away, snaps a photo with her phone.


The two men wind up rolling around so much that they fall down the stairs outside Grace’s room. Leland stands and limps off, clutching a deep cut in his side. There’s blood EVERYWHERE… including an ever-widening pool under Monsignor Korecki’s head as Grace rushes to his side.

“My hand feels cold. Will you hold it, please?” he asks, in a daze. She prays over him. “Father Ignatius,” he says weakly, referring to Wallace Shawn’s character from the season premiere. “Tell him I love…”  But he dies before he can finish the sentence. If you’d told me earlier this season that  I would feel feelings about the monsignor’s death by Episode 9, I’d have told you you were nuts. But here we are.

Now it’s your turn. One more week until the finale! Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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