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Facebook partners up to build a 37,000-kilometer underwater cable around Africa to provide internet.

Visualising Africa’s Undersea Cables: #Africa is irrefutably one of the most important #growth #markets globally embracing #digital transformation enabled by resurgent economic progress. Among the 55 African countries, there are 39 countries that have seashore and 16 that are land locked. Out of these 39 countries that have seashore, 37 countries have at least one submarine cable landing. The exceptions are #Eritrea and #WesternSahara.

At the end of 2019, among the 37 countries that have at least one subsea cable landing, 11 countries have only 1 subsea cable, 10 countries have 2 #subsea #cables, 6 have 3 subsea cables, and 10 have more than 3.

Pending Project: #Facebook and partners announced in May 2020 they were building a 37,000-kilometer #underwater cable around Africa to provide the continent’s inhabitants with better access to the #internet.

#Facebook and a team of African and global #telecoms companies will add four more countries to its world's largest #subseacable project, widening the build project in Africa earlier than planned, they said in a joint statement in August 2021.

The map below depicts a full and colorful picture of African Undersea Cables (July 2020).

Soon to be #TheAfricaWeWant

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