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FACTO University - One stop solution for digital marketing and online business presence.

FACTO University - I was once in your position where I didn’t know or have the proper tools to sustain an online business. Let us show you how to have both your business structure and online presence. Our platform eliminates the anxiety of running an online business, we make it seamless.

No need to subscribe to different tools for different services. Facto combines the power of all the digital marketing tools you'd need to grow and succeed. Simplify your marketing execution and save time with an all-in-one marketing automation platform.

Have you ever wished you could control your own online presence with one dashboard?

We have a dashboard with a unique set of tools that help you connect with online customers.


PRICE: $100 Monthly per User/Account.

- Connect Social Media Accounts

- Social Media Marketing & Auto-posting (Publishing)

- Website Design & E-commerce + Site Analytics

- Local SEO listing & SEO Scoring

- Ads Management

- 10 Business Emails

- Reviews Collector

- Reputation Management

- Competition Tracker

- Customer 5 Star Reviews

Complete Total Access To Your Digital Ecosystem.

I can send you a free trial login and you can try it for free.

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