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Factors That Are Contributing to the Retirement Crisis

Most people spend their working lives looking forward to the future when they may be able to retire. But the current retirement crisis makes it difficult for people to be sure they will be able to retire at all. If you understand the why behind the retirement process, you can better understand how it will impact you and what you can do to prepare for a fulfilling retirement of your own in the future.

Low Incomes

If you aren’t making enough money while you are working, you won’t be able to adequately save for your retirement. Since many people are currently making less than a living wage, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to plan for their retirement.

Unless businesses make an effort to increase the incomes of their employees, it is going to be difficult for the retirement crisis to come to an end.

When employers value their employees and pay them appropriately, it makes it easier for them to retire on time.


If you have a large amount of debt in your name, it becomes far more difficult for you to seek out retirement for yourself. And, most people in modern American society have at least some level of debt. In fact, households today carry more than $13 trillion in debt.

Managing your debt effectively can help you to mitigate the challenges of the retirement crisis. It is important to balance debt management and savings appropriately so you can make the most of your resources for retirement.

The Pandemic

While the retirement process was already well underway before the pandemic hit, it has gotten worse since then. This has happened for a variety of reasons that have made it difficult for many people to retire. The mass disabling aspect of the pandemic is one major reason why retiring has become more difficult for many Americans. Additionally, mass layoffs made it difficult for some people to reach their retirement goals. The pandemic has also made it difficult for people to receive adequate healthcare in many situations, which makes it hard for those same people to complete their work and move on to retirement.

The retirement crisis is presenting a major issue for Americans as they near retirement age. It is important to get your own finances in order so you can ensure that you can retire in a timely manner. Speaking with a financial advisor can help you to secure your retirement plan and make sure that your needs will be met when you retire.

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