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Father of missing IDF soldier speaks to CNN

The father of an Israeli soldier who went missing during a training exercise is pleading for answers and demanding action from the Israeli government. Itay Chen, the father of IDF soldier Ruby Chen, spoke to CNN in an emotional interview about the desperate search for his son. Ruby Chen, 19, disappeared on September 5th while participating in a training mission in the Golan Heights. The IDF launched a widespread search operation, utilizing both ground and aerial resources, but so far, no trace of Ruby has been found. In his interview with CNN, Chen expressed frustration with the Israeli government's response to his son's disappearance. He criticized what he perceived as a lack of urgency and resources dedicated to finding Ruby. Chen stated, "My son is missing, and they're treating it like nothing. I want them to do everything they can to bring him home." Chen also voiced concerns about the possibility of foul play, suggesting that his son may have been abducted by hostile forces. He questioned whether the IDF was doing enough to investigate this possibility, stating, "I want answers. I want to know if there is someone responsible for taking my son." The IDF has not ruled out any possibilities in its investigation, including the possibility of abduction. However, officials have noted that there is currently no evidence to support the theory of foul play. The IDF remains committed to finding Ruby and has continued its search efforts despite the lack of any substantial leads. The disappearance of Ruby Chen has gained significant media attention, both in Israel and internationally. Many have drawn comparisons to the case of Gilad Shalit, an IDF soldier who was captured by Hamas in 2006 and held in captivity for five years before being released in a prisoner exchange. The memory of Shalit's ordeal still looms large in Israeli society, and the potential for a similar outcome in Ruby Chen's case is a source of deep anxiety for many. The IDF has faced criticism in the past for its handling of missing soldier cases. In response to the criticism, the IDF has instituted various changes to its procedures, including a more rapid response time and increased communication with the families of missing soldiers. However, Chen and others argue that more needs to be done, particularly in cases like Ruby's where there is a possibility of abduction. Chen has been actively advocating for his son's case, meeting with Israeli politicians and publicizing the situation through media interviews. He has also appealed to the public for any information that could help locate Ruby. Chen said, "If anyone knows anything, even the smallest detail, please come forward. It could be the key to finding my son." Despite the challenges and uncertainty, Chen remains hopeful that his son will be found alive and brought back home. He is determined to continue fighting for answers and justice, stating, "I will not rest until Ruby is found. I will not let him be forgotten." The case of Ruby Chen highlights the difficult and often agonizing reality faced by the families of missing soldiers. The emotional toll of not knowing the fate of a loved one and the constant search for answers can be overwhelming. It also serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by IDF soldiers and their families, who put their lives on the line to defend their country. As the search for Ruby Chen continues, the Israeli government must prioritize the investigation and provide the necessary resources to bring him home. The anguish of a father who just wants to know what happened to his son should not go unanswered. The Israeli people, too, must rally around the Chen family and support them in their quest for answers. Only through a united effort can they hope to find the truth and bring Ruby Chen back to his loved ones.

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