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Florida's first snow park opens this weekend

DADE CITY, Fla. — The first and only alpine snow park in Florida is opening on Friday, November 20.

Snowcat Ridge – the one-of-a-kind alpine snow park – will feature a massive snow tubing hill, Alpine Village and a ten thousand square foot snow-covered arctic igloo.

The snow tubing hill will be 60-feet-tall and 400-feet-long, with a magic carpet lift that will whisk riders and their snow tubes to the top of the hill. Guests can ride in a single, tandem, or 6-person family tube to slide down the snow-covered slope.

In the snow dome, guests can build snowmen or snow castles out of real snow. The snow dome will also include a child-sized snow hill for younger guests.

“Some folks think it’s impossible to experience snow tubing and the joy of snow in Florida, but our team is all about making the impossible, possible,” says Mark Bremer, Creative Director of Snowcat Ridge. “The new alpine snow park will be unique in all regards and our team is thrilled to be launching in November.”

Snowcat Ridge will also feature a magical music and light show on Snowy Slopes each evening, visible from the Alpine Village, which features its own holiday market.

Tickets are now available for purchase starting at $24.95.

Click here for more information.

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