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Food That’s Off-Limits When You Have Braces

Having braces is one of the most effective ways available to fix your dental alignment issues and give yourself the best, most incredible smile that you can have. But that doesn’t mean that having braces is a breeze. In fact, having braces is a major sacrifice. You have to take exceptionally good care of your teeth when you have braces in order to accelerate the process and keep your teeth healthy. A big part of this is avoiding certain foods when you have braces. Here are three foods that are off limits when you have braces and why.

Hard Foods

The first foods that are off limits when you have braces are particularly hard foods, like jawbreakers and other incredibly hard foods. Hard food can be dangerous to your teeth when you have braces. This is because the metal brackets on your teeth are secured very strong, but they can be broken off by super hard foods. Hard foods also have the potential to bend the wires on your braces, which can throw off the adjustment they are making. Make sure that you’re doing your best to avoid super hard foods when you have braces to avoid an issue.

Sticky Foods

Another type of food that is off limits when you have braces is sticky foods. Sticky foods, like caramels, fruit leather, and chewy candies, can easily get stuck in your braces and on your teeth with braces. This can lead to tooth decay and cavities developing if you can’t get your braces clean. This also means that you have to avoid gum unfortunately. Even when you have aligners, you’ll have to remove them before chewing gum. A good alternative if you are a gum chewer is to switch to mints. Focus on mints that are long lasting and taste good to you.


The final food that is off limits when you have braces is popcorn. Popcorn is a fan favorite for many people as a delicious, crunchy, salty snack. But unfortunately, eating popcorn with braces is something that orthodontists and dentists generally advise against. This is because kernels of the popcorn can easily get stuck and lodged in your braces and teeth and become impossible to dislodge, causing discomfort. Kernels can also get stuck in your gums and gaps If you have any, which can be more painful.

Braces are necessary but that doesn’t mean they can’t be incredibly annoying as well. When you have braces, you are going to need to adjust your diet to avoid certain foods for your health. Make sure that you are trying to steer clear of these three foods when you have braces to get through the process as fast and pain free as possible.

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