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Foods You Should Stop Worrying So Much About

Every day it seems like we are being warned about a new food that we should avoid for one reason or another. But some food commonly labeled as “bad” may be getting a bad reputation for no reason. There are foods that you may be avoiding that you should feel less guilty about consuming.


Carbs are often viewed negatively among many dieticians and health food gurus. The reality is that carbs are not all bad for you. Carbs are a major source of fuel for your body, as they break down into glucose that then enters your bloodstream. A lot of different foods contain carbs beyond things like bread and pizza, but some carbs are better for you than others. Complex carbs are items like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans, all of which have a higher nutritional value than simple carbs. You do not need to avoid carbs, you simply need to pick the right ones to eat.

Processed Food

While all processed foods tend to be labeled collectively as “bad for you,” this generalization is not all true. Most foods, unless in their pure, raw form, undergo some processing. The key is to understand how much a food has been processed from its original form to become whatever it is you are eating. If you enjoy processed foods, there is one way to feel less guilty about it, and that’s by processing it yourself. Processing it yourself can reduce some of the unhealthy aspects of processed food. For example, you can mash apples into applesauce yourself without adding additional sugar.


Just as there are complex carbs and simple carbs, there are also good fats and bad fats. Saturated fats, found in meats, butter, ice cream, and more, can clog your arteries and lead to cardiovascular problems over time. However, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, found in plants and oils, can be good for you and help improve your cholesterol. Such fats are found in avocados, eggs, dark chocolate, fish, and nuts. Fat is a source of fatty acids, which your body needs, but is unable to produce on its own.

Some food gets a blanket label of being unhealthy without any nuance. But there are different kinds of carbs, processed foods, and fats, which you should consider before you consume them. The good thing is that most anything you want to eat is fine in moderation!

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