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Fox News Runs A ‘Gloat-A-Thon’ Over Liz Cheney’s Loss – NewsHounds

Tucker Carlson cackled as he promised a “gloat-a-thon” over Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary loss in a teaser last night. But he was only a more hideous version of the rest of Fox News.

I would bet money that Tucker Carlson was drunk or high last night. But that’s no excuse for the unusually vile poison that came out of his mouth. Maybe it’s hard for Carlson to live with himself. Sad!

CARLSON: Liz Cheney is America’s foremost defender of democracy, but democracy spanked her hard last night, but it didn’t decrease her arrogance. She compared herself to Abraham Lincoln.

We’re going to have a gloat-a-thon, we’re just going to say it out loud. We’re going to have a gloat-a-thon over the defeat of Liz Cheney and we’re going to enjoy the hell out of it. We hope you will, too.

But Carlson was hardly the only one gleeful over the loss of their former pal. There was the ever asinine “humor” of Greg Gutfeld:

GUTFELD: I guess she does have something in common with Abe Lincoln, they both allowed theater to kill them and her theater was Jan. 6th.

Sean Hannity was only a tad more respectful:

HANNITY: There was no bridge she wouldn’t burn, no colleague she wouldn’t betray, no voters that she wouldn’t ignore. She put her own agenda and her self-righteous obsession above the people that she was elected to serve. The people that are elected are public servants. In many ways, she showed utter contempt for the people in her own state, and they didn’t like it one bit.

Laura Ingraham celebrated Cheney’s loss with Harriet Hageman, the woman who defeated her. Ingraham closed her show with this:

INGRAHAM: Cheney speaks for a tiny number of rich people in the D.C. suburbs, that’s about it. But now the Cowboy State will finally have someone who represents them, not someone who lectures them.

You probably get the point. As Media Matters’ Matt Gertz noted in an article called, “Pro-Trump, pro-insurrection Fox News dances on Rep. Liz Cheney’s political grave,” Cheney was a star in the GOP until recently. She is also a former paid contributor to Fox News. But Cheney’s vocal opposition to President P***y Grabber’s election lies as well as his effort to overthrow the election and incite a violent mob to attack the Capitol are unforgiveable sins on the Murdochs’ “news” network.

No one is a bigger enemy of democracy and, I would argue, America, itself, than fascist-loving, Putinista and Lachlan Murdoch pet Tucker Carlson.

You can watch his particularly hideous (and slurry) comments about Cheney below, from the August 17, 2022 Tucker Carlson Tonight.


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