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George Clooney Says He Was Once Offered ‘$35 Million For One Day’s Work’ But Turned It Down

George Clooney said he was once offered “$35 million for one day’s work” to do a commercial for an airline and explained why he decided to turn it down.

During the 60-year-old actor’s interview with the Guardian, he was asked if he had gotten to a point yet in his life where he decided that he had “enough money,” the outlet reported in a piece published Friday. (RELATED: Report: George Clooney’s Wife ‘Furious’ After Scooter Accident Lands Him In Hospital)

“Well, yeah,” Clooney replied. “I was offered $35m for one day’s work for an airline commercial, but I talked to Amal [Clooney, his wife, a human rights lawyer] about it and we decided it’s not worth it.” (RELATED: Actor George Clooney Gave Each Of His 14 Best Friends $1 Million)

“It was [associated with] a country that, although it’s an ally, is questionable at times,” the “Ocean’s Eleven” star continued. “And so I thought: ‘Well, if it takes a minute’s sleep away from me, it’s not worth it.'” full story:

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