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Here’s Where a Fox News Panel About the FBI’s Ransacking of Mar-a-Lago Went Off the Hing

Fox News contributors Jessica Tarlov and Sean Duffy duked it out on a panel discussion about the recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. The Justice Department’s raid on Monday is yet another chapter in this agency’s long and sordid history of corruption and overreach against former President Donald Trump. The search warrant issued related to classified materials and any presidential documents that spanned the duration of Trump’s first term. Was there a lawyer present to say, ‘go fish’? Because that’s what this was at its core, a fishing expedition to obtain corroborating evidence for the FBI’s long-running Russian collusion probe, an investigation debunked by the facts. The political class doesn’t want another Trump presidency, so they sicced their henchmen at the FBI to send a message. If anything, it reinforced Trump’s motivation to run for president again. 

The raid also appears to be the culmination of suspicions from government officials that Trump wasn’t forthcoming with items the National Archives demanded. In January, 15 boxes of items, including menus, some phone books, and cocktail napkins, were sent back to DC. If a cocktail napkin lived rent-free in the heads of the feds, that’s a wildly entertaining tale. It got worse on Thursday night when a DOJ leak revealed a new level of preposterousness on behalf of the Justice Department: they reportedly thought Trump had documents with nuclear secrets lying all over the place. 

“We are looking for a very specific set of classified documents discovered missing – falling anywhere between his entire Presidency…”

— Brad Slager: MarALago Raid Veteran/CNN+ Subscriber (@MartiniShark)

On Friday, the search warrant was unsealed, revealing allegations of obstruction of justice and violations of the Espionage Act. None of this is believable to a large share of the public who only see a witch hunt. Second, yes, classified information was supposedly recovered at Mar-a-Lago, but it’s irrelevant. Trump was president and, therefore, the ultimate authority regarding declassifying such records. It’s why no president can be charged with mishandling classified information. Mike Davis, a former law clerk for now-Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, noted this isn’t new. The Supreme Court ruled in 1987 that the classification statutes and regulations do not apply to the president. Hillary Clinton was never president, so her situation was different, which led to a kerfuffle between Tarlov, a liberal, and Duffy, a former Republican congressman.

What’s eye-opening here is that Tarlov said that Hillary cooperated “like a normal human being” regarding the FBI’s investigation into her email server, where then-Director James Comey all but said she violated the law but refused to press charges to that effect. We know Hillary’s homebrew server was not approved by the State Department, which was corroborated by its inspector general, despite Clinton’s insistence that it was a permissible system from which she could conduct all official business as our chief diplomat. It was a lie—the State Department IG added that it would have been denied if Hillary had requested the use of her home-based server for department business. Clinton smashed multiple government-issued Blackberry phones and had close aides wipe devices. You can see how things went off the rails here (via The Blaze):

UPDATE:??It has been revealed that Donald Trump was housing a private server @ Mar-a-Lago & hired a close associate to wipe it clean with computer software.The FBI also found gov’t phones which were smashed to prevent evidence from being discovered.

JK! That was Hillary Clinton.

— Ashley Muñoz ???? (@AshleyMunoz45)

During a discussion between Tarlov and Sean Duffy on Fox News, Tarlov, a Democratic strategist, said the knee-jerk response from Republicans to defend Trump after the FBI raid demonstrates why they are “unfit” to lead America and control the government.

After Duffy responded that Trump is not being treated “fair,” Tarlov zeroed in on Duffy’s acknowledgment that the government is “now going after [Trump for] classified documents.”

“Yes, sir, it is about classified information,” Tarlov shot back. “It is breaking the law — it matters.”

When Duffy then turned the conversation to Clinton and her mishandling of classified information, the conservation went completely off the rails.

“Jessica, hold on a second. He has documents, papers in boxes. The Chinese and the Russians can’t access those boxes of information. But Hillary Clinton’s server is public to the world,” Duffy said.

“Guess what: She was punished!” Tarlov interjected. “She lost the election!”

“No, she wasn’t punished,” Duffy fired back. “Did they raid her home? Did they come with machine guns to her home?”

“They didn’t need to because she cooperated like a normal human being,” Tarlov responded.

“No, she did not cooperate,” Duffy corrected.

To no one’s shock, Hillary got away with it. They always do. 

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