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How Can I Get Better at Food Prep

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Food preparation has become a widely popular way of getting meals organized. There are many different methods to follow. You should always do what works best for you, but you can still follow the basic principles to help you get started and become proficient at food prep.

Choose Food You Actually Like

The biggest challenge of food prep is there are so many different recipes and options. You can look on blogs or on social media for inspiration. However, when seeing these recipes online you might choose to replicate them and then not really enjoy them. It is far better for you to choose foods that you will actually eat. You can look through recipes and then make modifications using foods you like. This way you can still follow the basic ideas that others are doing, but make them unique to you. To help guide you, according to Cleveland Clinic, you should make sure you are following a nutrition guideline to create a healthy meal.

Store It Properly

An essential step of proper food prep is storing your food. Your storage can last for various lengths of time. You could be planning to story meals for one week or you could story food long term. Most people will start off by getting a set of different sized containers, so you have options for what you store. For example, having small containers for sauces is helpful. When purchasing containers, make sure they are food safe and air tight. It’s especially helpful if they are also microwavable and dishwasher safe. Of course, you don’t always need containers. You can also use plastic bags and other materials for storage. According to Vacuum Sealers Unlimited, Mylar is preferable for freezer storage because it is more flexible and less permeable.

Create a Routine

In order to make the most of meal prepping, according to Eat Yourself Skinny, you need to create a routine. To begin, you should decide how far in advance you are prepping. Some people will prepare food for one week. However, freezing food allows you to prepare more food in advance. Decide what works for you. Next, pick a specific day to do your meal prepping. Having time set aside will make it easier to complete your meal prepping goal.

Doing meal prep is a great way to save time throughout the week and to save money. You can perfectly plan out everything you are going to eat and you can avoid wasting your food. As you get started, find ways to make it your own.

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