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How Do Driving Simulators Improve Driving Abilities?

Technology is quickly taking over all aspects of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we do business. However, not all areas of society are embracing or researching the benefits of implementing new tech. One of these industries is in the driving school sector. Too often, students are taught with outdated teaching methods that although cover the basics cannot really prepare the student for real-world challenges. This is where Simulator technology comes in. The following list entails some of the reasons driving simulators are helping student drivers improve on their driving abilities.

Accurate, Unbiased Feedback

There are many professionals in the driving school community that are genuinely invested in being able to teach their students the best they can. However, they are humans too and can be biased or simply miss something that the student may need to work on. Driving simulators, on the other hand, are constantly collecting data on the weaknesses and strengths of a student driver. This accuracy and unbiased information in data collection can no doubt improve the abilities of a driver. In fact, according to Cline Wood, it has been proven to help drivers learn more quickly.

Practicing for Unsafe Conditions

It's one thing for someone to tell you to avoid areas of flash flooding, it's another thing to find yourself in that situation. Dangerous weather poses some of the most common dangers for a new driver. The speed at which everything happens during a storm can really cause the driver to panic and at times, unfortunately, cause an accident. According to L3 Harris, simulators allow drivers to prepare within a safe, controlled environment for unsafe driving conditions they are likely to encounter.


Imagine having a whole fleet of cars to choose from when your students arrive. A student can simply walk up to the exact model that they will be driving daily and learn everything they need to about that vehicle's handling. This is exactly the benefit driving simulators can provide to new drivers. The ability to customize a program allows instructors to teach the model rather than simply what the student can and cannot do.

In the end, driving schools must remove the stigma of driving simulators as simply video games. These simulators are according to many students long over-due and must be implemented across the country. The benefits are clear; it is just the ability to properly research into it and implemented it into the process that is needed for student drivers to become safe drivers on the road.

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