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How Precious Metals Are Used in Everyday Contexts

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are often forgotten about in the day to day. However, these metals are used in a variety of household objects and medical practices. Learn more about precious metals down below.


Because metal is great at conducting electricity, it’s often put into electronics. This helps electronics to perform better and to do what they’re designed to do. For example, computers and phones have circuit boards or a board that connects electrical components with gold and silver in them. According to PCB Manufacturing, gold is easily manipulated into the parts needed and provides a durable finish with no worries about tarnishing or corrosion. It also conducts electricity very efficiently, making it a staple of all electronics and their circuit boards.

Medical Applications

Similar to your electronics, metal is often used in medical applications because it’s a great conductor of electricity. If a doctor is trying to stimulate your nerves via electricity, they’re likely to do it via medical wire. Medical wire is made of precious metals that are great at conducting electricity.

Precious metals are also used for dental work. Dental gold is great for filling gaps in your teeth, preventing later cavities. According to CrownBuyers, dental gold is usually an alloy of different metals like palladium and silver. Palladium has a high melting point, so the dental cap can be molded to individual teeth. Silver can be corrosive to teeth, though, which is why it’s used in small moderations.


Gold or silver are often found in wedding rings. These metals are incredibly durable and fashionable, so people prefer them for jewelry as they won’t have to worry about either metals rusting. You’ll also find precious metals like titanium in necklaces. While more expensive, getting jewelry made with real metal also helps people avoid an allergic reaction. According to Quick Jewelry Repairs, your body may be more sensitive to cheaper metals like nickel, copper, bronze, or brass. Because of this sensitivity, your body’s immune system will react negatively to the cheap metal, and you may develop a rash because of it.

Precious metals are all around you. Many people invest in gold or silver and sell it later when the price for those metals have gone up. If you’re looking to learn more, consider reaching out to a gemologist.

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