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How the Busy Modern Fitness Junkie Can Find Time for Cardio

People who embrace the fitness lifestyle don't look at cardio sessions as a chore. They enjoy the exhilarating feeling aerobic workouts bring. Busy lifestyles, however, present many things acting as competition to workout time. The hardcore fitness junkie might wonder how he/she can fit decent workouts into a schedule. Doing so might be easier than you think.

Use Your Commute

The distance to your workplace could be more than enough to support a vigorous cardio workout. Replacing a bus, subway, or car ride with walking, jogging, biking, rollerblading, and more can burn up calories and build endurance. The variety of commuting exercises may be more than you realize. Switching up exercises keeps a commute from ever being boring. Of all the options, biking is probably the most common. No one wishes to be late for work. A bicycle does provide reliable transportation. The arrival of electric bikes allows for a speedier option when necessary. Of course, biking does have its risks, but as long as you're careful it should be a viable option. Hundreds of thousands of bicyclists would agree.

Employ Short, Intense Workouts

You don't need to commit to hour-long workouts to see results. Sometimes, only twenty or twenty-five minutes is enough. Even low-intensity short workouts have value. That said, with short workouts, a higher intensity level may be best. Perhaps employing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) might be best when you only have a half-hour or less for lunchtime exercising. Alternating between jogging and walking on a treadmill or on an outdoor track represents a common HIIT activity. Scores of other cardio exercises work as well. Another point worth noting here is that you do need to be in shape for high-intensity workouts. Starting off with high-intensity levels could be a bad plan. Always exercise at a safe and appropriate level for your current physical condition.

Free Up Your Schedule

The extraordinarily tight schedule might be the result of poor time management. People do become set in their ways and how they do things. If you won't embrace online shopping or accept delivery services, you lose more valuable free time by running errands and tasks than you realize. People who fret about not being able to find the time to exercise may simply need to alter their schedule. Avoid being too set in your ways. Look at how you spend your time and figure out what to tweak.

Even busy people with the most time-compromised schedules can figure out how to get a workout done. Don't fall into the trap of assuming you don’t have time to work out. By following the above tips, you are sure to find time for a cardio fitness routine despite your busy schedule.

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