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How to Create a Calming Feeling in Your Home

Your home should be your refuge. It’s a place you have that helps you to feel safe and at peace – no matter what you’re going through. Here are some ways you can start to cultivate a more calming environment in your home.

Paint the Walls a Light Color

Color and light can play an important role when it comes to creating a certain atmosphere or mood. Light colors are great for this. While the color of the exterior of your home is certainly important, that color is going to be more important for first impressions, curb appeal, and overall aesthetic. The interior color of the home is going to be what helps you feel calm since it is where you will spend all of your downtime. Light colors will help the space feel larger. It will also help it feel brighter, and thus, more quietly happy. Darker colors absorb light in a way that, in contrast, can make the space feel claustrophobic.

Add More Green

One color in particular can be very important to have a lot of: green! But not when it comes to paint. It can actually be very helpful for your mood to have lots of plants in your home. Real plants will help oxygenate and filter the air of a room, as well as add a vibrant feeling of life. Faux plants add some greenery to your room without having to worry about caring for real ones. Either one is a good option – you should decide which is best for you based on how able you are to take care of live plants.


It’s important to feel at peace in a given space within your house. That’s hard to do if every room has random assortments of items on every surface. Books, tissue boxes, clothes, electronics, magazines, mail – you name it. Many homes end up looking like that, even if you don’t plan for it. You might be surprised at just how much better you feel once you put everything away in its proper place. If you can’t find a proper place for everything, that might be a good sign that you need to get rid of what you don’t need.

It's all about creating the space that you want. Rooms that are light, neat, and have minimal but meaningful style can make a big difference. Make sure to put in the work and care that your house deserves – in turn, you will get the home that you deserve.

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