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How to Deal With Imperfections on Your Skin

Everyone wants healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. Not only does it make you look younger, but it is a visible indication of physical health in general. With the skincare industry worth a staggering 145 billion dollars, there are thousands of products and procedures that make all kinds of promises. Some deliver better results than others. Here are three proven ways to improve your skin’s imperfections.

Use Topical Creams

Whether you are dealing with sunspots, loose skin, wrinkles, or acne scars, there is a topical cream for that! Some work better than others, so do your research and find products with medical backup. For sunspots, creams containing hydroquinone are proven to block pigment production. Wrinkles and sagging skin are the results of a reduction in collagen and elastin production.

While there is no miracle cream that will reverse signs of aging completely, there are products that can help. The best skin tightening creams add moisture, boost collagen and elastin production and promote the turnover of skin cells. To reduce acne scarring, look for creams that contain retinoic acid and glycolic acid.

Try Light Therapy

Research suggests that light therapy can improve the look of your skin. Light therapy is used to treat everything from hair loss to psoriasis. There are several different colors of light that can be used for different issues. For example, blue light therapy is believed to destroy the bacteria responsible for acne.

Red light therapy can reduce scars on your skin. There are both at-home and in-office light treatment options. While at-home light therapy tools can be beneficial, you will get better results from in-office treatments.

Get a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are minimally invasive treatment options that still make a big impact on the overall look and tone of your skin. Chemical peels work in two ways: 1. They remove the outer layer of skin to expose the fresh, new skin underneath. 2. They stimulate collagen production which tightens and smoothes out your skin. While there are more invasive treatments available, it is wise to experiment with cheaper, more gentle options first.

You may not be able to turn back the clock but you can take years off your appearance with these non-invasive skin treatments. Of course, your skin is a product of your overall health habits as well. For your best skin, drink plenty of water, minimize your intake of caffeine, quit smoking, consume less sugar, and eat nutritious foods.

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