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How to Decide Where to Move in Your Next Stage of Life

If you are going through a dramatic change in your life, you might be thinking about what is next. The biggest question you might ask yourself: “Should I move somewhere different to accommodate my new way of life?” For the adventurous, the answer might be a definite yes. For the unsure, here are some additional factors to keep in mind.

Consider Favorable Weather

A major factor in your moving plans should be the climate you would like to live in. For retirees, warmer weather can provide vast improvements to quality of life. You will be less likely to fall in warmer climates, and there will be no snow for you to plow or shovel. California, Florida, and Arizona are three of the most popular retiring states.

If you enjoy having a variety of seasons, consider looking at a temperate climate. States like New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Utah can all provide great homes in a mixed environment. It depends entirely on what you are looking for.

Look for Fast-Growing Areas

On a different note, a younger family or individual might want an exciting place to live and work. You might want a healthy economy to start your own business. You may want your kids to be educated somewhere high-quality.

If this is the case, you should look for areas that are growing quickly, as these have the best economic potential in the job and real estate markets. Atlanta typically ranks among the fastest-growing cities in the country. However, most states have cities or suburban areas that are developing. Look at the housing markets for the cities you are considering.

Build Your Own Home

You might not want to leave your city or state, but feel that moving still is the right option for you. If this is the case, you should see if there are vacant plots in your locale you could invest in. Designing and building your own home can be a great experience, especially if you work with the right contractor.

The other benefits to staying in your current city and building a custom home are obvious. You do not have to make completely new relationships or friendships, your kids can stay at the same school, and your home can be your preferred design.

While planning out your move, you have a lot to consider—and it changes depending on your cycle of life. Think about your future career, your retirement plans, and the potential in finding a high-quality home. Your home should suit your needs no matter the situation.

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