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How to Establish a Healthy Relationship with Your Teenage Children

Being a parent of a teenager is a very difficult task. This is an age where your child wants to be independent, but your child also wants to be close to you at times. As your child matures, they will learn how to better manage their feelings. Right now, they’re probably lashing out at you, being very moody and getting in occasional trouble. It’s important to find common ground. This will help you develop a healthy relationship with your teenage child.

Establish Rules with Love

It’s important that your children have rules set for them. These rules should be appropriate for each child’s age. Your teenager should have a different set of rules that your elementary school-aged child has. Everyone should understand what is expected of them and why. Let your child know that they have rules set for them because you love them. These rules are designed to keep them safe, even if they feel that you’re being overprotective or strict. With the ability to drive comes a lot more freedom, so it’s important to set the rules for driving, time with friends, and other responsibilities.

Communication and Listening Are Key

It can be hard to trust your teenager, but this is something that you need to establish. It will help you feel better about the independence your child wants. If your child knows that you trust them, they will feel more comfortable confiding in you. The trust goes both ways in this situation. Don't be unnecessarily strict or pry into their personal information too much. Be open and communicate and listen to your teen to create an open relationship.

Let Them Earn More Privileges

Your child will want more and more freedom the older that they get. While this is normal, they need to show a good level of maturity in order to be granted this freedom. If they are of driving age, they should be following rules regarding their vehicle, asking permission to drive somewhere and making sure they’re not goofing off behind the wheel. If they prove their reliability, they will be able to gain more freedom when it comes to driving, going out with friends, etc.

If you’re finding that establishing a healthy relationship with your teenage child is a challenge, you shouldn’t worry. This is something that almost every parent experiences at one time or another. It’s important that you understand your role as a parent isn’t always going to be a fun or easy one. However, these challenges will ensure that your teenager is going to grow up to be independent and successful.

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