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How to Get Around While Staying Eco-Friendly on Vacation

With concerns about global warming and current climate change, controlling your carbon footprint is always a good idea, even when you're on vacation. Keep in mind the ways that you travel, not only to and from your destination but also once you've arrived at your vacation site. Take these tips into consideration for getting around in an eco-friendly way on vacation.

Use Public Transportation

When you're planning your next vacation, inquire about public modes of transportation. Create an itinerary that allows you to use public modes of travel to get to your day's destination. Group your attractions within walking distance of each other to allow for low environmental impact as well as keeping costs down. Public modes of transportation schedules, as well as costs, can usually be found online. Often, you can get a pass for multiple days that offers additional savings.

Rent an Economy Car

If you need to rent a car for the trip, think outside the box. Hybrid vehicles get excellent gas mileage and come with other features that make the choice worth it for travel. Check ahead to see if the renewable energy resources you need for your hybrid are available near your destination. Ask for a car that has a GPS option if you do not want to use your cell phone. Find direct routes to your attractions to save on energy. Renting a compact economy car is another eco-friendly option.

Bike or Hike

Think of using bicycles as a mode of transportation while you are away. Check to see if there are bike rentals available where you are going. There's nothing like enjoying the fresh air while taking in the views. Also, plan to hike during your vacation. While vacation planning, research the area for some local bike or hiking trails to include in your itinerary. By hiking and biking, you have control over your schedule and reduce your carbon footprint. Planning a vacation is exciting, but remember that wherever you go, you can consider ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Find ways to ensure that you'll have a great time with low emission output. Scooters are another form of local transportation that uses little fuel. Everyone needs to become efficient with carbon output when needing or wanting to travel, whether on vacation or in daily life. Start your family in considering their carbon imprint as they make their travel plans as well as in their everyday life.

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