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How to Get Compensation for a Delayed Flight

If you’ve ever missed a flight because of unavoidable circumstances, you know how frustrating the situation can be. However, if your plane was delayed by more than three hours, in some cases you may be eligible to get compensation through an airline or travel insurance policy. This article will walk you through the process of getting your money back so that you can use it towards your next trip!

1. Compensation for Delayed Flights

Airlines are required by law to compensate passengers for delayed flights. If your flight is delayed or canceled, ask an airline representative about claiming compensation.

2. What is my flight status?

To find out if your flight is delayed, you can check with our airline’s website or app.

3. What can I claim if my flight is delayed?

Airlines are required by law to pay compensation for delayed flights. But how much are you entitled to? And how do you go about claiming it? We’ve got all your answers here.

4. How much compensation am I entitled to?

Airlines are required by law to compensate you if your flight is delayed more than three hours. According to EU regulation 261/2004, airlines must pay out at least £250 ($387) per passenger for delays of over three hours, £400 ($620) per passenger for delays of between three and four hours, and £470 ($698) per passenger in cases where it takes over four hours to complete your journey. FACTO Collect Air Compensation

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