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How to Get Your Kids Away from Their Screens

Screentime is fun. Everyone loves it, from kids to adults of all ages. It’s easy to get carried away with screen time though. Excessive screen time can be a problem, especially for kids. Kids benefit immensely from unplugging and doing activities that don’t revolve around technology, and so can you. So what should you do?

Go to the Park

Parks can be so much fun! Whether you spend time chasing your kids around trees, supervise them on playground equipment (or even join them on it yourself), or push them on swings, the opportunities for fun are endless. Plus, it’s a great way for your kids to burn off some of that energy they never seem to run out of.

Spending time outside is healthy and can be so much fun that no one will miss the screens at all. Remember to apply and reapply sunscreen to yourself and your kids so you’ll be protected from UV rays while you’re out playing.

Start an Art Project

Kids are wonderfully creative. Tap into that by starting an art project with your kids. Do it with them so you’re there to help if needed and to encourage them to stay engaged in the project. Art projects are the perfect way to practice being creative, which can benefit both you and your kids.

Creating art can help kids reduce stress. It gives them a way to express themselves. Finishing an art project creates feelings of accomplishment and can boost self-esteem. These are all benefits that can be realized regardless of the age of the creator.

Play Games Together

Games are another great way to get kids away from screens (as long as we’re not talking about video games or similar games). Find fun puzzles that are a good fit for your kids’ age and attention span. There are a ton of fun board games you can play as a family too. Board games give kids a chance to be competitive with one another, which creates excellent learning opportunities. Games teach kids how to be sporting winners and to take losses with grace. They can also help kids develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, both of which are valuable later in life.

It’s good for everyone to take time away from their screens. You don’t have to ditch the screens entirely, but neither you nor your kids should be glued to them either. Give everyone a screen time break. Get involved in activities with your kids. The chance to bond with your kids and make memories is priceless. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover things they love and share the things you love.

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