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How to Help Your Kids Feel More Comfortable in the Water

Most kids love getting in the water, but it can take a little preparation to get them to that point. It’s your job to help them figure out that the water is fun and that they can be safe and happy hanging out in the pool. Below you’ll find a few ideas to help your kids feel more comfortable in the water so you all can be safe and happy every time you visit the pool.

Swim with Them

The pool can be intimidating to kids, especially when they have to navigate it all by themselves. This is why it’s important that you actually get in the water with your children. As you venture into the pool it will show your kids that it is safe and that the water is something you enjoy as well. It will also give them a sense of security since they will know that you are close at hand if they need help. Have fun in the pool with your kids and help them to see how great it can be.

Give Them Lessons

If your kids feel confident in their swimming ability, they will be much more comfortable in the pool. It’s essential that you help your kids to get swimming lessons so they can build their skills and confidence. Swimming is a life-saving skill that all children should learn. And as your kids gain more swimming skills, you will feel more confident in them and be more comfortable in the pool as well

Don’t Push Them Farther Than They’re Ready

It’s important to pay attention to your children and make sure that you are respecting their limits. When your child is uncomfortable in the pool, you shouldn’t make them stay out there longer than they are comfortable. Doing this is a recipe for disaster and can make your children feel much less confident in their safety in the water. Listen to their limits and help your kids to try to do just a little bit more each time until they feel comfortable and confident.

Swimming should be a lot of fun for you and your children, but it can also be stressful for kids, especially at first. When you take the time to help them feel comfortable it will make every pool trip more fun. Just be patient and keep trying and make sure that you and your child communicate about how they are feeling in the water.

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