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How to Help Your Teen Through Their Major Struggles

The teenage years can be incredibly difficult, and as a parent, it is hard to make sure that your teens have everything they need. As you try to figure out the best way to help your teen through the struggles they face, it helps to know you have people on your side. You and your teen can grow closer together if you work to maintain a good relationship and keep communication open through all their struggles.

Talk to Them

There is no way for you to help your teen navigate the challenges they are facing if you don’t know what they are. By maintaining open communication, you can help your teen to feel comfortable talking to you about their problems. Try to ask your teen how they are doing and keep up with what is happening in their lives. When they know they can talk to you safely and without judgment, they will be more likely to come to you when they have a concern. Try to stay neutral when they talk to you about their problems and provide them with the support they need in the way they need it.

Provide Them with the Resources They Need

Most teens are looking for ways to solve their problems on their own, but it helps to have a little support. When you help connect your teen with resources, you teach them how to take care of themselves. You should be providing support and resources to help your teen through any mental or physical challenges they are facing. Half of mental health disorders begin by age 14. So, if you suspect that your teen is struggling with their mental health, it is important to help connect them with the mental health resources they need.

Support Their Friendships

In their teen years, friendship is incredibly important to your kids. It can help you to maintain a strong relationship with your child and ensure that they are doing well if you give them room to have important friendships in their lives. Try to get to know their friends and make your home a safe place for all of them. This will help your child to feel supported in and outside of the home and give them a comfortable place to be with all the people they need in their life.

Your teen is going to face challenges, but they don’t have to deal with them completely on their own. When you make the effort to stay close to your kids, you can help them manage their struggles. Give them the space they need to figure out what they want help with and what they would prefer to handle on their own, as long as you know they are safe.

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