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How to Invest More in Customer Safety at Your Business

Because COVID-19 has spun the business world upside down, investing in customer safety is more important than ever before. Showing your customers that you care about them will develop stronger company loyalty. Safety measures to fend off COVID-19’s spread will not only increase your business’s PR image, but also keep your staff safe.

Enforce Distancing and Mask Wearing

The easiest way to protect customers and employees is by mandating official health guidelines in fighting disease. While some customers may be irritated with your decision, others will be grateful you are putting in the effort. If people can claim they got COVID-19 at your business, following guidelines can protect your business from debilitating lawsuits.

Recommending social distancing is a start. Enforcing that your patrons wear masks is another important step in promoting safety and showing you care about your customers. Studies have shown that face coverings can lower the spread of COVID-19. By asking this of your customers, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Use Signs

To keep your customers informed on your company policies, make sure you have signs throughout your workplace. Some people will create posters asking for their customers to wear masks, or outright requiring them. You can also remind customers in high-traffic areas of your business to social distance.

For example, floor signs can help your business to encourage customers to keep a safe distance from each other. This is effective in areas that usually demand customers to line up. Though it is another expense for your business, it is a small price to pay to avoid heavy legal fees.

Minimize Contact Points

Limiting the amount of surfaces your business must clean is another efficient way at fighting COVID-19. Restaurants around the globe are resorting to pick-up orders instead of in-person dining. If you or your employees are regularly making transactions in-person, allow the customer to insert or swipe their card so there is less physical contact for the disease to spread.

Invest in plastic screens so the virus cannot spread through conversation. Train your employees on new, proper coronavirus procedures. Depending on your area, you might be able to get away with some in-person dining if COVID-19 spread is minimal, but you should thoroughly clean these areas.

Helping your customers feel safe is only going to benefit you. Nobody knows how long COVID-19 will be impacting lives, but it should not stop you from living yours and building your business. If you work with the rules, you can still have a great business experience.

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