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How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle is focused on reducing your impact on the environment and your consumption of natural resources. This lifestyle is focused on eco-friendly principles and practices. Creating a more sustainable lifestyle can be done in many ways.

Drive Your Car Less

One of the largest impacts individuals have on the environment is driving their cars. When you drive, your car releases pollutants into the air, which worsens the air quality and damages the environment. By driving less, you reduce this impact. One way to avoid driving is by opting to use public transportation. You can also walk or bike when it’s possible. When you do drive, try to change certain habits. Sudden accelerations and heavy braking can increase your car’s negative impact on the environment. Having your tires properly inflated will improve your gas mileage so you’re driving more efficiently.

Move Into a Smaller Home

A lot of energy is used in your home. Natural resources are used to power your lights, appliances, devices, and more. If you have a large home, this will use significantly more energy. You can live more sustainably by downsizing your home. A smaller home will be more energy efficient and produce less waste. Plus, a smaller home gives you less to clean and maintain which makes things easier for you. Downsizing makes a lot of sense when you live alone or when your kids have moved out. There’s no need to have a large home if you don’t need the space.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own food is sustainable for several reasons. First of all, you are dependent on your own efforts rather than stores and markets. Second, if you’re buying less food then you are also consuming less plastic and other packaging. Third, many fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides and other chemicals which negatively affect the environment. Growing your own food at home means you aren’t contributing to these negative practices. When you grow a home garden, make sure you are mindful of the season and your region. Both will affect which foods will grow well.

When you choose to live a sustainable lifestyle, you are lessening the negative impact you have on the environment. You’re reducing your waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprint. There are both big and small ways you can create a more sustainable lifestyle.

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